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Youth Talk About Climate Collapse

How do you speak with your children about Climate Change and Climate Catastrophe?

This film tells the story of a 13-year-old boy who sensed the depth of the ecological and climate crisis. By expressing his sadness, Oskar started a chain reaction so that his fellow students began to grapple with the potential collapse of societies due to climate change. By challenging the school curriculum, to learn what really matters to his future, Oskar offers a message for all of us. The implications for adult solidarity with young people become clear – to support them and society in adapting emotionally and practically to the disruptions ahead, as a complement to bold carbon cuts and drawdown. You can see Oskar’s own short film “Sandcastle” at – The film Oskar’s Quest was produced and directed by Professor Jem Bendell and made possible by crowdfunding, organised by the Ocean River Institute, and the Deep Adaptation Forum. – To discuss the contents of this film consider joining one of the platforms of – You are encouraged to present this film in your community or school. If you would like someone to discuss the issues, please consider requesting a spokesperson from here:… – Oskar’s mother Simona Vaitkute can also be contacted via the form of that page.

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