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Your Health into your own Hands: Tal Givoly of Medivizor

The Future is Truly in Our Hands

At a time of rapid change, many systems have been faced with the urgent need to transform their business models.  While some initiatives tend to take their current models and transform them to a digital platform, many others are creating initiatives that put more power and information into the hands of the individuals they are here to serve.

Medivizor is one of them.  By educating, informing and empowering the patient or caregiver with the latest medical science personally relevant to their specific medical circumstance affording them the peace of mind that they will know of new clinically relevant information without the need to spend endless amount of time seeking it themselves.

There must have been an experience at some time of your life that led you down the path to do what you do. Could you expand on that?


medivizor 1Yes. Actually more than one. The first time I realized there’s a big issue is when daughter of close friends of mine was battling Leukemia. Besides dealing with the illness, it became clear to me that this leads to endless research by the worried parents – who need to do everything they can to help try to find the best care for their daughter and seek any and all potential treatments and to feel comfortable that they are in the best care possible. Then, while I was working on Medivizor, my own daughter fell sick with a rare heart condition – severe dilated cardiomyopathy with left ventricular non-compaction. It’s a condition that affects 1.2 people in one million – so it’s very rare, and the only real solution for it is a heart transplant. However, I spent as much time as I could researching the matter and monitoring her care and treatment with all latest medical science. I still do this with any medication adjustment, now that she is post heart transplant.


In the simplest terms, how do you describe the benefit of your initiative and the solution you offer?  


We educate, inform, and empower the patient or caregiver with the latest medical science personally relevant to their specific medical circumstance affording them the peace of mind that they will know of new clinically relevant information without the need to spend endless amount of time seeking it themselves. Another way to look at this: one might think of Medivizor as a trusted friend or relative that happens to be a research scientist looking out just for you – seeking and continuously reviewing all new discoveries to see if they can help improve your situation.


What were the steps you took to enable your initiatives success
First thing is really assembling a “rock star” team thatmedivizor 2 has proven and diverse skills and experience covering technical, medical, business, and operational aspects. The second step is defining the mission and values for the initiative – so we know that everybody that joins us is doing so for the right reasons – and that’s first, and foremost, to help people. It is so gratifying that we are getting thank you notes every day. Finally, it’s paying a lot of attention to details of creating and operating a beneficial and sensitive service. However, this last point really stems from the first two – once you have the team, vision, mission, and values, execution becomes possible.

How important is creative visualization in the ability to create and forecast the future needs of society?


Very important. Every big initiative or change requires a compelling vision that can be articulated and communicated in order to make it happen. We have a multi-step vision on how we are going to realize our dream to transform health information to being truly personalized. When we say “personalized health information”, people often think bout their own medical records and lab results, but they forget that all the health information they find online, at least today, with exception of Medivizor, is not personalized. And that truly doesn’t make sense any more. We realize that each of us is unique. Each of our life journeys in health is unique. Our genome and proteomics and microbiome are unique. It stands to reason that our health information should be as well. In future, caring for individuals will have to be guided by the latest science. Today it takes 5-15 years for new discoveries to affect clinical care of patients. With Medivizor in use by patients, doctors, and the entire medical care team, we can cut this time dramatically. That ultimately means saving lives and improving quality of life for many.


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While there are many initiatives in your sector, what do you believe separates you from the others?


Healthcare has so much opportunity for technology, in general, and software in particular. We’re really just at the tip of the iceberg. Everywhere you look there are inefficiencies and real problems. From preventing medical errors to finding funding resources for care to choosing one’s medical team and treatment path. And there are hundreds more. I’m actually very excited to see so much innovation and so many entrepreneurs directing their attention to health. It gives me hope that the problems we aren’t addressing with Medivizor will be addressed sooner rather than later. I’m not particularly concerned about what everybody else is doing, because the field is so wide that nobody is really tackling what we are. In fact, to best of my knowledge, if someone wants to remain abreast of all the latest developments personally relevant to them, I’m unaware of any other service that provides what we do today.

Are there any initiatives and/or projects that you’re working on now that you can talk about
We do have a few great developments in our pipeline. We’re now adding to the types of information we’re including in Medivizor to include, for instance, cutting-edge video interviews with leading experts in the field. We’ll be adding additional sources from partners like this in the future. We’re also expanding to many more medical conditions in the next 12 months and binging on board additional providers.
There is one other exciting company I’m advising called Eco-Fusion. Their product is called Serenita and it’s an application for smartphones (iOS or Android) that allows people to manage and reduce their stress with simple and short bio-feedback using the sensors of the smartphone alone. It’s very cool and I encourage people to download and try it. They’ve been getting a lot of exciting reviews and early clinical trials are looking very promising – though the application is unregulated. So anybody can download and use.

About Tal Givoly, CEO and Co-Founder of Medivizor.

tal givoly 1Tal Givoly, CEO & Co-Founder of Medivizor, has over 25 years of product development experience holding leadership positions in technology, innovation, research and development, with a proven track record in “realizing visions” in startups and other corporations. Before Medivizor, Tal was Chief Scientist at Amdocs (NYSE: DOX) and led innovation activities across the company including heading up Amdocs’ technology incubation unit and open innovation programs (2004-2011). Tal is a prolific inventor with over 25 granted patents and many more pending. He is recognized for his passion for, and expertise in, innovation, being invited to speak at major industry events such as Stanford Medicine X, Digital Health Summit, CE Week, Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Mobile World Congress and CTIA. He was also actively involved in industry forums and standard bodies including the TM Forum, IETF, ATIS, and IPDR. org. Tal was a director on the board of   IDPR  and TM Forum. He holds a Dual B.Sc. Cum Laude in Mathematics and Physics from Tel Aviv University.


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