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World Sound Healing Day is February 14



According to the Founder of World Science Healting Day,Science has validated the power of intentionalized sacred sound to create positive shift and change.

On Feb. 14th, 2019, World Sound Healing Day join thousands of meditators, peace activists, and sound healers throughout the planet as they project the heart sound “AH” filled with the intention of peace and love at 12 noon their local time.

An Interview with Jonathan Goldman, Founder of World Science Healing Day

Help initiate resonance of oneness and compassion on the Earth with your conscious sound and raise planetary vibrations. There are numerous sound groups worldwide that tone together for Global Harmonization.

On world Sound Healing Day, you can join one of these groups or form your own group!

Together we can manifest a global community that resonates in harmony and peace throughout our planet.

Source: World Sound Healing Day


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