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World Localization Day

Let’s imagine a different world

One in which most of our food comes from nearby farmers who are part of our community and who ensure food security year round.

Imagine children being free to play and explore their world safely under the watch of neighbors whom we know and trust

Imagine the money we spend on everyday goods continuing to recirculate in the local economy, building community wealth along the way.

Imagine a world in which multinational businesses and banks adhere to the rules of society – not the other way around.

Imagine local businesses multiplying and providing ample, meaningful employment opportunities, instead of our hard-earned cash being immediately siphoned off to some distant corporate headquarters.

Economic localization can make these visions a reality for us all.


How can Localization improve personal and planetary health and well-being?

Ultimately, localization is about re-scaling the economy back to a human level.

It is the process of building economic structures that allow the goods and services a community needs to be produced locally and regionally whenever possible.

Localizing economies can strengthen community cohesion and lead to greater human health and material wellbeing, all while reducing pollution and the degradation of the natural world.

It is not about isolationism or putting an end to international trade. It is simply about rebuilding human-scale economic structures by producing what we need closer to home.

From community gardens to credit unions, from alternative learning spaces to small business alliances and co-ops, local economies create networks of place-based relationships that affirm our human desire for connection to each other and to the earth.

It’s the economics of happiness.

By creating this structural basis for community, local economies make caring for one another and for the land into guiding principles of daily life.

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