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Woodstock + 50

Music Can Heal, but in reality, we must take action

In 1969, 50 years ago, film director Michael Wadleigh captured the music festival that defined an era in the documentary ‘Woodstock.’ The vision of the youth of that ‘baby boom’ era was best articulated by Joni Mitchell two images… “We’re caught in the Devil’s Bargain… and… we’ve got to get ourselves back to ‘the Garden’.” Now 50 years later, we are clearly dealing with the “Devil’s Bargain” in that the business, financial and political forces of most nations are devoted to economic growth (more of everything) as they degrade and destroy “the Garden.” First to go is the climate system. But the entire ecosphere of the Earth is under assault from leaders ‘appointed’ by Money for their excelling on the scales of human greed, ignorance and hubris. Today, a younger generation expresses their anger and frustration towards the generation responsible. In this program Wadleigh will traverse this intergenerational divide and discuss the climate crisis.

Source: Scientists Warning

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