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Why Greenland?



The consequences of climate change are more far reaching than mere planetary destruction.  There’s a lot to be gained for the savvy investor between here and there, before that certain doom kicked down the road inevitably prevails. Yes, money is to be made, not just the extension of fossil fuel profits, but new, more creative and sinister sleight of hand is already at work by an economic magician adept at diversion.  Let’s not forget that magic is not real.  It’s a trick.

Trump’s trade war with China has caused significant harm to America’s farmers committed to producing soybeans.  Now as China seeks a new source for this essential crop, farmers in Brazil are burning the Amazon to clear the ground to raise soybeans for China, and for grazing land for beef production. It’s a great opportunity to make some very big bucks beyond the grasp of U.S. governmental control for those who can get in on the ground floor.  Wouldn’t you like to know just who that is?  Truth is, it’s probably hidden behind several layers of holding and shell companies…  but one thing’s for sure.  It takes some big money and a callous regard for its effect on climate change.  Hmmmm?

And at this very same time, Trump floats the idea of buying Greenland, going so far as to approach Denmark to determine their interest.  Fortunately, there are still some things money can’t buy just yet, like Greenland.  But why Greenland?  What’s this all about?  Imagine that you are the singular force capable of retarding progress on ameliorating climate change, say like a President who can set policy within his executive branch while managing a strangle hold on his Republican legislature’s re-election potential. Might you be able to predict an outcome for Greenland?  The ice and snows are already melting, revealing the rich, earthy crust beneath, under which lie one of the largest sources of unmined mineral potential. Ding, ding, ding, $$$$$$$.

To understand Trump is to understand that he is solely laser focused on profit potential at any cost. There is nothing benign about the man. While we look the other way, he is buying our future for himself and his backers.  God knows, with the windfall created for the top 2% through the Trump tax break, the wealthiest have more than enough surplus to buy just about anything, including the Amazon and Greenland if they cared to.

Are we not amazed at this magic trick, or are we just chumps?

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