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create better, together

What makes us different?


Our future is in our hands


We feature a holistic approach where all actions impact one another. We are firm believers that cooperation is the most efficient and effective way to enable the real systematic changes we see in the world.


Leading a participatory and experiential HOLISTIC Movement

It’s not about the where, it’s about the why. To experience monumental stories that empower the inner genius that is found in each and everyone of us, by sharing the stories of what’s working, by building bridges instead of walls, and not to sit on the sidelines but to truly connect.  Not to be transported, but to be transformed.

What makes Mobilized Different?

  • An ecosystem designed for action—
  • Decentralized
  • Central Hub
  • Depth and access—we go deep down into the “rabbit hole” into the very soul of the story, to empower actions that people everywhere can take.
  • Open Access for All—we believe that times of radical change require a radical approach to information and communication, and therefore provide an open access policy dedicated to the advancement of all people.
  • Inspired by nature, empowered by passionate people —they’re at the root of our discovery process
  • Comprehensive
  • Solutions Media as an Organism
  • Ethical Principles
  • Evidence-Based, Scientifically Backed
  • Imagination-Empowered
  • Inspired by Nature, Powered by Passion–
  • Complete immersion—offering experiences from the inside-out, through a local lens
  • Main Street, not Wall Street—we’re here to find ways to amplify the stories not covered elsewhere, or whose stories need amplification, to create an ethical platform and network of discovery and action
  • New Possibilities—somewhere out there, someone’s doing something amazing that has the potential to bring about long-lasting and profound change for the better; we’re constantly searching for the new and amazing;
  • Leading the way—with millions of people marching, protesting, occupying and rebelling against what’s not working, we showcase the stories that touch and inspire, that motivate and empower action, progressive action.
  • Experts in their fields—we don’t do click bait, but instead, our stories are by and about people who have been there and done that and continue to do the amazing.
  • Evidence—stories and features are backed up with reference points
  • Cooperative—much better and more effective than competitive;
  • On-going participation—providing you with a front row seat to be the story;
  • We lead the leaders—our audience is aware, concerned, making positive changes and are the top of their game, learning from experts, contributing to the whole system.
  • Translatable—we make it accessible for easy translation of all stories through the Translation tabs found on all stories and pages
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