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By now it should be completely apparent that there is no connection between Trump’s utterances and Trump’s beliefs.  Trump will say anything, contradict himself, knowingly lie, and cross any line of ethical standards and propriety just to achieve his goals.  He has no core beliefs but is willing to float on the sea of opinion he creates to further his ends.  There is no ally too evil or misguided to support his plans, no constituent too stupid, too racist, or too crazy that he would not court their vote.  After all, a vote is a vote.  What does it matter where it came from if it furthers his goal?  What do beliefs matter if any one position can further his goals?  So, I have to say I’m sick and tired of hearing sentences that begin with “Trump believes…” There is only what Trump says and nothing of that can be believed because he shifts back and forth, on and off again, desperately trying to court the whack-job, fringe votes by instigating hate at rallies while at the same time denying his own words, all while clinging to conservative GOP support by devastating social, economic and environmental safeguards, all moves that keep him in office.

Recent revelations at rallies have signaled a deep dive into the dark abyss of Trump support.

First, there was the relentless verbal attack on Jim Acosta at a Trump rally.  Mobs of rabid Trumpites stormed his media post screaming “Fuck you” with distorted faces of anger, while flipping the bird, middle finger extended high for the camera to see.  Many even wore “Fuck You” T-shirts. Is this what political expression in this country has come to, that a reporter should be rebuked in this way for simply asking the wrong questions of a President who does not wish to be confronted and who cannot answer them?  These idiots believe that the media is the enemy of the people because Trump has told them so.  Ideas like this are being reinforced in talk radio, by people like Rush Limbaugh, and by Fox News’s Laura Ingram and Sean Hannity.  It’s a disgrace that these captains of media, these “intellectual giants” should take advantage of such emotional simpletons to support their immoral objectives. Since their beliefs are not founded on fact, there can be no fact employed to dissuade these emotional cripples.  Trump has discovered the 25% pure vein of unending support that will never be denied him because it has no basis in fact but in their beliefs long secretly held and now released like dandelion fluff in the wind of a Trump rally.  It must be exhilarating.

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And now, as if there was not enough craziness to consider, there is Qanon. WTF?  Mobs of people wearing Q t-shirts and carrying 3-dimensional Q’s, or signs identifying themselves as Qanon, all Trump supporters, have congealed at his rallies, a bad storm off the coast of democracy heading for havoc at the midterm elections, now a category 1 but soon to be a category 5 storm.  These are hardcore Trumpites, undying loyalists, who believe there is a deep state ruled by child pornographers and pedophiles that include the Bush’s and the Clintons. According to their leader “Q” who posts to message boards on the internet, Trump is about to expose these evildoers with the help of Robert Mueller. Go figure? Qanon believes that the military wants the deep state overthrown and has recruited Trump for president but the media has attacked him with “fake news” and lied about his Russian collusion. They believe in the coming “Storm” when the deep state’s leaders are arrested and sent to Guantanamo Bay. They refer to this event as “the great awakening.”  Pizzagate, ISIS, even the Kennedy assassination are all a part of their deeply intricate belief system.

As to reinforce the depth of this idiocy our nation has sunk to, enter the timely Sasha Baron Cohen with his new Showtime series, “Who is America.”  What appears to be parody is so preposterous as to be unbelievable, yet in fact turns out to be very real and true. In one scene, posing as a former Mossad agent, Cohen convinces a Georgia legislator to fight terrorism by pulling down his pants and attacking a terrorist with his bare ass, threatening them with the fear that to be touched so would make them gay, and this fool willingly complies on camera.  Each week he dives into the ocean of gullibility to reveal the core essence of these morons who determine so much of our values as influential entertainers, politicians and policy makers, shaping “America” to their fanciful distortions. Is this really who we are?


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