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Welcome to an Evolution in Media of Service


When the People lead, the leaders will Follow

Think Global: Act Local  Global Collaboration on a Massive Scale

Business as usual is killing us. It’s time for business that serves us all.

A digital platform has launched that seeks to harness citizen power to build a more ethical society.  Our existing systems are not prepared to properly serve the citizens of the world.  We’re not waiting for tomorrow. We’re creating it together.

It is time for the passionate to come out and play.

“When the people lead, the leaders will follow.”

Mobilized is People Empowered Media

Imagine collaboratively modeling an ideal integrated multimedia network, a cooperative and complimentary series of social enterprises showcasing the most ethical policies, initiatives and advanced technologies within its very DNA. This includes focus on equality, quality of life, personal growth, individuality, unconditional love, human rights, civil rights, transparency, privacy, accountability and open collaboration.

What if, working together, we could find and harness the collective power of communities and a movement of movements to enable improved systems of service, from communications and citizen media to health and well-being for everyone?   We are in this together.

People Empowered Media dedicated to the transformation of sustainable systems that serve us all.

We unite progressive media makers and organizations to co-create constructive solutions media together —and put the welfare and health of society as their top priority (instead of corporate profits.)  From a feature in Positive News U.K. regarding a  meeting in London of media outlets and journalists:

At a time when digital connectedness enables mass awareness of humanitarian challenges, people could rise to meet them, said  Michael Møller – if they receive accurate, useful and balanced information from the media.

“We have the expertise, we have the experience, the human capital, the financial means, it’s just a matter of getting our act together globally,” he said.

“We are moving into a world of incredible change. We have technology today that gives almost every person on this planet the ability to know everything that happens, but also the ability to comment. Many of these voices are fairly uninformed and based on very narrow personal agendas and local understandings of reality. It is very, very important that this cacophony of voices is as informed as possible.” (From Positive News UK)

Curiosity didn’t  kill the cat. Bad information did.

There are millions of people—and thousands of organizations around the world—who refuse to sit on the sidelines as our global media, corporate and political leaders refuse to honor a commitment to our human rights and serve us.

We already have the tools and wisdom we need to solve most of the worlds problems. We possess the expertise, the experience, the desire and the will and the means to solve them.   We just need to organize better.

Mobilized is the global Solutions network for Generation Now.

The future is in OUR HANDS

Welcome to the Mobilized Ecosystem:

We envision the emergence of an ideas-into-action global commons, platform and network that is dedicated to clearly articulate and demonstrate the actions that people can take to develop a healthy planet and community life.

This platform recognizes the opportunity in building an infrastructure that provides collaborative and cooperative services to the Mobilized ecosystem, including the creation of new alliances, the aggregation and curation of multimedia programs, technology updates and learning from one another, including best case scenarios as well as learning from mistakes and problems encountered as to not encounter them again.

It all starts with an idea:

  • Amplify and Mobilize Holistic evidence-based solutions locally, regionally, nationally and internationally
  • To take transform systems from solely serving sick care to empowering well-being
  • To discover our collective potential in balance with the natural world
  • To share the stories of solutions that are working and best practices
  • To overcome misunderstandings and learn from our perceived differences
  • To discover solutions that can be co-created by collective community partnerships
  • To showcase and empower ethical leadership for a better tomorrow starting today

We call this entity, The Mobilized Framework. 

The ecosystem brings value to the ecosystem by providing opportunities to the initiatives. The Mobilized Framework is organized through the development of carefully inter-linked and inter-dependent alliances. Through this platform, organizations can expand their target markets through a mix of local alliances that otherwise may be out of reach.

At the same time, the initiatives will collectively inform their audiences of this new idea into action platform which will expand the reach of the collective consciousness of all involved parties.

By connecting local and regional initiatives and audiences, and through the facilitation of this new and expanded media ecosystem, the Mobilized Framework will empower these local organizations to build and expand their reach and build sustainable projects.

The Mobilized Framework will also assist the growth and development of regional projects by compiled a suite of best-of-service tools, technologies and the insights of training—including best service optimizations, communications messaging, mobile distribution tools, e commerce tools and content management systems with the ultimate goal of expanding and mobilizing the reach and impact of the collective network of organizations and initiatives, thus enabling better outcomes.

Weekly Media Events
Participating organizations are invited into an environment on constant creativity; where weekly scheduled media events are co-created and organized for action; where member organizations can create a unique multimedia experience and invite others to co-create projects.

The Experts Network
A highly focused and carefully screened group of enlightened individuals that enable a social ACTION Network  with practical and dedicated focus. An online repository of practical knowledge with the “How-to’s” for those who are not in the know quite yet.

Information on how societies and cultures can advance utilizing the new media tools to share relevant and transformative information. This could be “Information Central” or “Creative Control” for Practical Solutions to existing and pre-existing problems.

Localized Community Network Hubs
A network of communities working individually and in harmony together to create better systems of service, understand the root cause of each problem, develop localized media hubs of collaboration and cooperation to best serve the communities they live, work and play in.

A decentralized system for open innovation, online collaboration
Create and collaborate without compromise. A decentralized system for Open Innovation, Global collaboration between activists, experts, entertainers and ordinary citizens by inspiring and enabling transformation and transition outside of the influence of those who repress change, transition and transformation.  A Network such as what we are describing here could enable massive shifts in the way we do business and live our lives.


Get Mobilized and Make Love Go Viral!

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