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“We need to find better ways to work together–to synergize at the bottom, the way that big companies do at the top–and translate what we know into more effective messages that will resonate with the ‘consumers’ we want to activate as ‘citizens.” –Danny Schechter

Build on the wisdom of experts.

Imagine collaboratively creating an ideal integrated multimedia network, a cooperative and complementary series of social enterprises showcasing the most ethical policies, initiatives, and advanced technologies for planetary healing within its very DNA. This is your new channel in collectively building a global network focused on economic equality, environmental quality of life, personal growth resources, creativity, unconditional love, real human rights, civil society, governmental and corporate transparency, protection of privacy, accountability in actions, and open collaboration.

We are here to amplify and accelerate planetary transformation. By applying the wisdom of evidence-based research, creating regenerative systems, and action plans that coordinate global/local solutions between communities and movements we will accelerate positive and necessary changes.


To do this, Mobilized.News’ mission is to bring communities and movements together to overcome misunderstandings and find better ways of working together. The global paradigm shift is bringing forth new imagination-inspired solutions to our strife-torn and ecologically damaged planetary home. Through open collaboration, cooperation, and collective action, while learning from each other along the way we will achieve a common human vision for Earth and ourselves. To ensure the quality of the information in a time of information overload, Mobilized has a core set of ethical principles that is our foundation in enabling our autonomy and guarding our integrity. (Mobilized is a carefully moderated platform.) ?Note want to convey that Mobilized is not a free for all and rules will be enforced.

Take collaboration to the next level. Forward!

Global collaboration/communications between activists, experts, entertainers, and persons from all walks of life drive our vision forward in inspiring and enabling transformation and transitions action we all need to take.

Get ready to join forces in a consensus-building network dedicated to empowering people around the world. We believe millions are waiting to play their part in a new heaven and a new Earth. We have created a digital infrastructure to make it happen. We all have the tools for your use that we need to grow this infrastructure powerful catalyst for the right kind of changes we need now. Together we have the talent and intelligence for a successful uplifting transition that we can believe in.

Keep it moving.

Good needs better Distribution: Holistic Framework

We are here to amplify and accelerate the transformative wisdom of evidence-based sustainable and regenerative systems through open collaboration between communities and movements.

To enable this, we have created a decentralized ideas-into-action global platform and network that is dedicated to clearly articulate and demonstrate the actions that people can take to develop a healthy planet and community life.

The Mobilized info-structure provides collaborative and cooperative services to the Mobilized cooperative communities, including the creation of new alliances, the aggregation and curation of multimedia programs, technology updates and learning from one another, including best case scenarios as well as learning from mistakes and problems encountered as to not encounter them again.

Own your Story: A better way to work together brings communities and movements together to overcome misunderstandings, find and create better ways of working together, and bring new solutions to life through open collaboration and cooperation while learning from each other along the way.

We are an international network of conscious creators and developers who collaborate through their love for building things that last. Whether it’s a solution for sustainable development or creating a local community media hub, we present opportunities to talented and skilled conscious creators while supporting their need for the wisdom of the crowd and the power of passionate people.

We call this entity, The Mobilized Exchange.

The ecosystem brings value to communities by providing opportunities to their initiatives. The Mobilized Framework is organized through the development of carefully inter-linked and inter-dependent alliances. Through this platform, organizations can collectively share and amplify their wisdom so that communities outside of their communities can learn what is working, and also learn what is not working and why.

At the same time, the initiatives will collectively inform their audiences of the Mobilized network so that together, we can expand and amplify the reach of the collective consciousness of all involved parties.

By connecting local and regional initiatives and audiences , and through the facilitation of this new and expanded media ecosystem, the Mobilized Exchange will empower these local organizations to build and expand their reach and build sustainable projects.

The Mobilized Exchange will also assist the growth and development of regional projects.

The Mobilized Exchange provides a suite of best-of-service tools, technologies and the.insights of training—including best service optimizations, communications messaging,
mobile distribution tools, e commerce tools and content management systems with the ultimate goal of expanding and mobilizing the reach and impact of the collective network of organizations and initiatives, thus enabling better outcomes.

Provides unique creative opportunities for sustainable development with
organizations and communities;

Mobilized features several unique components that all work with one another:

    • Experts Network –A network of experts in their fields, organized in a web 4.0 so the content and the context are transparent.
    • Evidence-based, Imagination Empowered Solutions and Project News Network– Because a society cannot function when it is kept in a constant state of ignorance, violence, and dis-information.
    • Decentralized Localized Community Media Radio Player – Helping to overcome the misunderstandings we have about people and communities that appear different from ours. Changing the world in real-time.
    • The Stories of Main Street, Not Wall Street -The goal of helping local communities connect and create better communications systems; Become a Mobilized collaborator in creatrix and you receive your virtual studio with an all-access pass to enable your very own community media info- structure.
    • News without the Noise – We dissect the truth from fiction and provide a kaleidoscope of wisdom from around the world.
    • Mobilized LIVE!–An open-access conversation to the changes you want to create in the world. Starting with twice per month, join the Mobilized team, artists and scientists, media makers, and earth-shakers for a lively conversation as we discuss the actions we can all take for a truly empowered world. Discover the schedule here
    • Live and On-Demand Wisdom of Experts – Advanced knowledge and ideas-into-action from experts in their fields; these are people who have been there, done that, and continue to do amazing things. Experience both live and on-demand presentations offering valuable idea-into-action insights to take on the go or in your daily life.
    • Networking – Through the use of group forums and bulletin boards, you can discover new opportunities and take advantage of them through community conversations. Discuss one on one or in a group setting or with representatives or speakers. Participating companies can showcase their products and services in our virtual showroom, creating long-term possibilities for engagement, participating, and/or direct sales.
    • Ongoing learning news and learning network – New opportunities emerge whenever you want them! As an ongoing media event, you can promote new products and services by showcasing them in the marketplace.

The Mobilized Global Exchange: Planetary Hub of Decentralized Innovation and Co-Creation

A planetary hub for decentralized open innovation. Online global collaboration for problems to be solved. Taking the conversation outside of the influence of those who repress change toward economic equality and liberty. Information Central for new paradigms moving us towards a healthy world. A new home for those who are dedicated and passionate about creating solutions and actions. Our Network is dedicated to the facilitation of massive shifts in the way we do business and live our lives.

You know you want it.

“What we now want is closer contact and better understanding between individuals and communities all over the earth, and the elimination of egoism and pride which is always prone to plunge the world into primeval barbarism and strife… Peace can only come as a natural consequence of universal enlightenment…”

Imagine better.

The Web was created by scientists to overcome misunderstandings while finding better ways of working together through shared knowledge. But, over the course of time, it has devolved into a global toxic mess, a television network filled with propaganda, lies and misinformation created by special interest groups to divide us.

In the words of electrical pioneer, inventor and futurist, Nikola Tesla: “Fights between individuals, as well as governments and nations, invariably result from misunderstandings in the broadest interpretation of this term. Misunderstandings are always caused by the inability of appreciating one another’s point of view. This again is due to the ignorance of those concerned, not so much in their own, as in their mutual fields. The peril of a clash is aggravated by a more or less predominant sense of combativeness, posed by every human being. To resist this inherent fighting tendency the best way is to dispel ignorance of the doings of others by a systematic spread of general knowledge. With this object in view, it is most important to aid exchange of thought and intercourse.”

The walls between us have been removed.

As we learn from the past, it’s about creating a better tomorrow. Not to escape, but to experience. Not to sit back and watch, but to connect. Not to be transported, but to be transformed by amazing people with amazing stories,

Your future is truly in your hands.

We are a movement of movements, a network of networks, of dreamers, of realizers, of artists and producers, media makers and earth shakers from every level who refuse to sit on the sidelines while leaders plunder the planet for their own short term gain. We are here to connect and inspire, create and co-create, communicate and collaborate across the miles with people who are open to paradigm change because we are called to be the architects of the future or, to become its victims.

Empower your inner Einstein.

A global digital immersive experience dedicated to regeneration, sustainability, localization, affordable and regenerative energy. Stories matter. We seek out the most incredible stories and ideas that are not only realistic, but attainable so that together, we can create a world that works for all..

We have everything we need to create a future that works for all; We have the tools and the technology, the tools and the talent, the desire and the dedication to bring it about. And now, we have created a decentralized platform and portal that unites us to overcome misunderstandings and create better ways of working together.

The walls between us have been removed

All Access—Most platforms put up walls and boundaries. We’ve eliminated them altogether, Discover the Mobilized Ecosystem

Main Street, not Wall Street—we dive beneath the surface and into the very soul of the destination,

Our stories don’t suck—the lifeblood out of you. Take part in our weekly Mobilized Exchanges every Saturday at 1 pm ET (USA/Canada)

Inspired by Nature—we dive beneath the surface and into the very soul of the destination,

Powered by Passionate People—we dive beneath the surface and into the very soul of the destination,

Empowered by Imagination—we dive beneath the surface and into the very soul of the destination,

Depth and access—we dive beneath the surface and into the very soul of the destination,

capturing the details missed by other travel media

Propelled by people and stories—they’re at the root of our discovery process

Complete immersion—offering experiences from the inside-out, through a local lens

We lead the leaders—our audience is at the top of their game, and they

Mentored apprenticeship —our audience is

Evidence-based, Imagination-Empowered—our audience is

Your front row seat to the change(s) you wish to create for the world.

We unite media makers and Earth shakers into a decentralized hub of conscious creativity so that together we can dream up better ways of doing things, taking big ideas off the drawing board and into action. We’re the catalyst that brings together visionaries and caring communities, conscious creatives and cutting-edge organizations together to co-create a global community.

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