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Web 4.0: A well-informed public is the most powerful natural resource of all

Our future is local, decentralized, holistic, collaborative and cooperative.It is time to get out of the Matrix of Control and into the Creatrix of Life

In his bookOn Community Civil Disobedience in the Name of Sustainability: The Community Rights Movement in the United States”, Environmental Attorney Thomas Linzey states:

“Humanity stands at the brink of global environmental collapse. Our environmental protection laws more often protect the very corporations that they are supposed to regulate, rather than our rivers, forests, mountains, and other ecosystems.

A global movement is starting to change that. Using indigenous value systems to create legally enforceable rights for nature, cities, towns, and counties across the United States are creating laws which recognize the rights of nature.

“But right now, people within the community rights movement aren’t waiting for power brokers to fix the system. They’re beginning to envision a new sustainability constitution by adopting new laws at the local level that are forcing those ideas upward into the state and national ones. In doing so, they are directly challenging the basic operating system of this country—one which currently elevates corporate “rights” above the rights of people, nature, and their communities—and changing it into one which recognizes a right to local, community self-government that cannot be overridden by corporations, or by governments wielded by corporate interests.”

From chaos to creation:

A new network has debuted dedicated to clearly defining a better way forward for us all. While over the course of the past two hundred years our man made systems services and policies have destroyed What is this taken mother nature billions of years to create, the Mobilized news net work is a collaborative ecosystem of opportunities for communities to engage with one another and discover how to design and adopt “rights of nature” laws in your own community, while providing healthier systems for our collective coexistence.

Imagine what we can do when we the people unite In Solidarity for the Health of our collective Coexistence.

Please join us in the co creation of a new network dedicated to the original network, nature.

Building a better network for People, Planet with Purpose

Imagine collaboratively modeling an ideal integrated multimedia network, a cooperative and complimentary series of social enterprises showcasing the most ethical policies, initiatives and advanced technologies within its very DNA. This includes focus on equality, quality of life, personal growth, individuality, unconditional love, human rights, civil rights, transparency, privacy, accountability and open collaboration.

Good needs better Distribution: Holistic Framework

We are here to amplify and accelerate the transformative wisdom of evidence-based sustainable and regenerative systems through open collaboration between communities and movements.

To enable this, we have created a decentralized ideas-into-action global platform and network that is dedicated to clearly articulate and demonstrate the actions that people can take to develop a healthy planet and community life.

The Mobilized info-structure provides collaborative and cooperative services to the Mobilized cooperative communities, including the creation of new alliances, the aggregation and curation of multimedia programs, technology updates and learning from one another, including best case scenarios as well as learning from mistakes and problems encountered as to not encounter them again.

A better way to work together brings communities and movements together to overcome misunderstandings, find and create better ways of working together, and bring new solutions to life through open collaboration and cooperation while learning from each other along the way.

We are an international network of conscious creators and developers who collaborate through their love for building things that last. Whether it’s a solution for sustainable development or creating a local community media hub, we present opportunities to talented and skilled conscious creators while supporting their need for the wisdom of the crowd and the power of passionate people.

We call this entity, The Mobilized Exchange.

The ecosystem brings value to communities by providing opportunities to their initiatives. The Mobilized Framework is organized through the development of carefully inter-linked and inter-dependent alliances. Through this platform, organizations can collectively share and amplify their wisdom so that communities outside of their communities can learn what is working, and also learn what is not working and why.

At the same time, the initiatives will collectively inform their audiences of the Mobilized network so that together, we can expand and amplify the reach of the collective consciousness of all involved parties.

By connecting local and regional initiatives and audiences​, and through the facilitation of this new and expanded media ecosystem, the Mobilized Exchange will empower these local organizations to ​build and expand their reach​ and build sustainable projects.
The Mobilized Exchange will also assist the growth and development of regional projects.

The Mobilized Exchange provides a suite of best-of-service tools, technologies and the insights of training—including best service optimizations, communications messaging, mobile distribution tools, e commerce tools and content management systems with the ultimate goal of expanding and mobilizing the reach and impact of the collective network of organizations and initiatives.

How it works: Your front row seat to the new powered by you: Global Collaboration on an Epic Scale

As a member of the Mobilized News Network, you are provided with the unique opportunity to share your stories and ideas into action on our global news network. We will work with you to help bring your ideas into the ‘mainstream.”

A better info-structure: Guidelines for Members Posts:

● Fact not Fiction: Your stories should be based on reality, no fake news permitted.
Where needed, please cite sources with hyperlinks.
● Clarity above all else: Make it easy to understand and translate so it doesn’t fly over people’s heads. Academic white papers are fine for other platforms, but not for here.
● Global Perspective: Show how one action in one part of the world impacts another part of the world. For example, how the Russian Invasion of Ukraine impacts the global food and energy systems, including the delivery of goods.

● Reality meets Hope: Show a vision of what “Could be” when ideas take action. Try to encourage a positive vision no matter who difficult the situation might be.
● Ideas-into-Action: Provide people with something they can do today. Questions to Guide the writing process
● Vision: What is the problem you are trying to solve? What is the vision of the solution?
● Where are we now? How did we get here?
● Where do we want to head towards? Please be clear, concise and realistic. No pie-in-the-sky or pseudo-science is permitted.
● How do we get there? What are the action steps required to get to where we want to be?
● What are the benefits of getting there? What will this accomplish?
● What are the obstacles or roadblocks and how are they overcome? Please provide
conscious clarity and do not hold back
● Outcome: What impact did your solution create in the community?
● Lessons: What did you learn from this experience? How can people elsewhere learn from this experience?

The Format

● Clarity above All: Show a vision of a better way in the title of your story and in the opening paragraphs
● Easy to Understand: Break your post into key sections (See above)
● To the point: Keep your post under 1,000 words
● Cite where necessary: Use hyperlinks to site examples and identify key sources

Submission and Publication Timeline

This is an on-going process. Please submit are a relevant time. If, by chance, you need help in formatting or syntax, please let us know here.

Please remember, we all abide by Mobilized News’ ethical principles found here.

Mobilized News is a carefully moderated platform. Please allow up to 48 hours for your post to go live. You can utilize the built-in social media icons to promote your stories outside of this platform.

Submit your guest blog or idea here

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