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We the People, We the future

It is time for a new story: The story of global collaboration on an unprecedented EPIC scale.

The Bad News: Humanity stands at the brink of global environmental collapse. Our environmental protection laws more often protect the very corporations that they are supposed to regulate, rather than our rivers, forests, mountains, and other ecosystems.  Additionally, world and business leaders continue to delay any real action, kicking the can further down the road every year, going from one event, while the world is on fire.

The Good News: A global movement is starting to change that. Using indigenous value systems to create legally enforceable rights for nature, cities, towns, and counties across the United States are creating laws which recognize the rights of nature.

Albert Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”  It is time to change the story.

If we can’t create the changes we want within the existing system, we must create a new system from the bottom on up.  The future is in our hands.

We the People: It’s time.

According to Thomas Linzey, who has been creating legally enforceable rights of nature laws worldwide: “Right now, people within the community rights movement aren’t waiting for power brokers to fix the system. They’re beginning to envision a new sustainability constitution by adopting new laws at the local level that are forcing those ideas upward into the state and national ones. In doing so, they are directly challenging the basic operating system of this country—one which currently elevates corporate “rights” above the rights of people, nature, and their communities—and changing it into one which recognizes a right to local, community self-government that cannot be overridden by corporations, or by governments wielded by corporate interests.”

An on-going showcase the real-world solutions,  ideas into actions with clarity above all revealing how a society in solidarity for the health of all, can bring forward the world we want….This is not new agey or science fiction nonsense, this is scientific fact. 

There are millions of people in thousands of organizations and initiatives developing or living real-world solutions for our collective health and well-being. But most work in silos, making it difficult to pick up much needed the traction required.   While big, corporate media constantly feeds us stories of disease and dysfunction…

What if we united in SOLIDARITY for the health of us all to TELL A NEW AND IMPROVED STORY TO AMPLIFY THESE IDEAS into real ACTIONS?

It is time for a new story: The story of  DECENTRALIZED, SYSTEM CHANGE ON AN EPIC SCALE.


We the People: We the Future.


Inspired by NATURE, Powered by PASSION, and Empowered by IMAGINATION, this is a project of Mobilized News and  a global creation of the movements of many who are on the front lines of systematic change. 

While most people see the Web as a network of computers, we see the Web as a NETWORK OF PEOPLE; People coming together to amplify the wisdom of what’s working while transforming from what’s not serving all life to what will serve all life.   A GPS FOR HUMANITY’S ON GOING ADVENTURE of collective wisdom that will help us create a world in which we fundamentally have what we need to thrive.

Sharing this wisdom to people on such a large scale requires a shift in how we communicate and set up our systems, services and policies.  

We have a choice to make: We can either work together, or fall apart. 

We believe that a well informed public is the strongest natural resource of all.   And that’s why we created this platform: to uplift our collective humanity to our utmost potential at a time of global change.

Because when it comes real innovations to solve and prevent crises, while creating better outcomes, we need cooperation, not proprietary thinking.

Please join us as we continue to create the media network for our collective health and well-being for a sustainable 21st Century and beyond!

WE,THE PEOPLE, WE THE FUTURE s an on-going collaborative and cooperative project which debuts in December, 2022 and provides audiences worldwide with a front row seat–a vision quest to realize the power and potential of people who are aligned with a common cause, and in this case the decentralized of systems from global to local energy, transportation, food car, agriculture, farming, education, media, materials and resources, consumption.

The film will be aired (Broadcast/Cable/Satellite/Streaming on Demand)  on FREE SPEECH TV and link to the action center where local businesses can promote their solutions whether it’s wind energy, batteries, or local foods obviously they will need to be local hubs to enable that part.

Your front row seat to the changes you wish to create in the world.  No travel.  No hotels.  No conference rooms. No politicians or bureaucrats in the way.  No special interest groups.  No aggravation. No Kidding.

We will continue to build momentum by attracting more people to watch it share it with others, promoted, and add their resources to the conversation all the while promoting new stories for the television series.

The future is in our hands, and Mobilized News proudly reveals why:

From the book : Rethinking Humanity by Tony Seba and James Arbib:

“These are Profoundly disorienting times for humanity. As political earthquakes rumble, inequalities deepen and our environment crumbles. It feels like we’re being pulled apart from all directions.

“We all feel the tremors but our vision is blurred. As the cracks deepen, we fumble desperately for band Aid solutions. Our deeper failure is that we don’t understand what is really happening; what is really driving change today.

“The bitter truth is that our industrial civilization has reached its endgame. Collapse as inevitable, as it has been for every civilization hardwired to reach its limits.

The good news is that a technology convergence is opening a window of opportunity for a whole New World to emerge with possibilities beyond our wildest imaginations; A world where economic growth and genuine prosperity are possible for all, without the exploitation of people in planet and age of freedom.

If we can open our eyes to the process that is drive change deep below the surface, we can see that there is no going back to normal . We are standing on the edge of chaos a place that feels terrifyingly unstable but the place where real change can happen.

We will either soar or crash to a New World of limitless freedom or to a new dark age.

The road ahead is not an extension of the past. The belief that our current system can continue is worse than a mirage; it’s a road to hell paved with good intentions”

What are some of the stories covered?

  • Understanding the DEEP CONNECTION of all LIFE SYSTEMS
  • Going from global top-down systems towards LOCALIZED, DECENTRALIZED SYSTEMS
  • Legendary Public relations and Science Wiz HOWARD BLOOM on THE POWER WITHIN US ALL
  • The power of ELECTRIC VEHICLES
  • Understanding FOOD SOVEREIGNTY and why Food Systems must be protected
  • DESIGNING OUR LIVING AND WORKING SPACES to live and breathe with the land
  • PREVENTION It’s the best medicine
  • The Transition of foods to PLANT-BASED MEETS
  • From Globalized systems to LOCALIZED SYSTEMS
  • The approach towards HOLISTIC THINKING
  • And much more

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