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Create the Future

Danny Schechter Inspired millions (including the founders of this network)



Danny schechter, "The News Dissector"

In March of 2002, at an event focusing on arts and media at a time of globalized consolidation, some of the Mobilized founding team took part in a conversation focusing on what we can do to preserve democracy and safeguard the health and well-being of people and the planet. Mobilized is proud to present the keynote by media dissector Danny Schechter whose words of wisdom inspired and empowered the creation of this network.

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Barry Dossenko

Healing the Sick Society: Enabling A World that Works for All



Times like these clearly show us that our future has to become globally cooperative and peaceful.

Since the beginnings of industrialism, we have ignored and exploited the laws of nature. We are now reaping the consequences of climate change and global pandemics. We have been told by some of the brightest minds in the world that we can no longer continue down the same path we have been on. Education is teaching us, over and over, the failed modality that competition is the only way to win in life. A fact widely reflected in our current systemic failure in business and politics to deal with solutions. With this mindset we are facing, without safety nets, the wide spread failure of institutions and systems to care for life on Earth and for us, to whom we have entrusted our very existence!

By Barry Dossenko and Steven Jay

Since we live in a planet wide connected system of nature and nurture, we must ask ourselves, is there a better way we can go about living here together? What is the approach that will help us achieve such an important shift in outcomes? Today scientists are intensely exploring Bio-mimicry or the imitation of nature with hope to solve some of our biggest problems.

Still many of our scientists, business leaders and government are supporting industries globally with detrimental or toxic consequences on our health and our environment. It’s imperative that new rules be implemented at the top level, as well as for all of us, to take charge of our own actions in becoming sustainable in an ecological and carbon negative life style. The practice of Holistic Management is a tool in which new goals supporting and illuminating a path forward based on local and global consensus can be achieved. is where that conversation is beginning to take shape. Our weekly participatory conversation, “A Smarter Conversation” brings people together to overcome misunderstandings and find better ways to create a healthier co-existence.

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Mobilized is seeking Partnerships

Become a Mobilized collaborator in Creation and help to transform the news for good.

If you have the wisdom and the talent and the desire to become a collaborator in creation of a brighter tomorrow  for the health and well-being of people, planet, purpose, we look forward to your joining us in our journey. Sign up for FREE here!

Paradigm System change: From Competition to Cooperation.   

The so-called success of the post-industrial age neo-liberalism means unlimited money and power for the few and planetary ruin for the many.  By continuing to repeat the same failed mistakes over and over again, no one wins.  Humanity will not survive on a dying planet. Ecosystems are webs of life in nature and in society. Transformation or destruction which one do you want to support?

Einstein has said that “mankind cannot solve their problems with the same level of consciousness that created them.” Humanity will need significant paradigm shifts across the board if we are to peacefully change all this in time.  Our place, in it all, is complex and applying the Holistic Management context exercise helps us find an equitable place for ourselves, our family, community and planet. Hope and vision are important aspects of the big picture of life, everything connects and everything is connected to everything.

As inventor and futurist Buckminster Fuller has said: “Nature is a totally efficient, self-regenerating system. If we discover the laws that govern this system and live synergistically within them, sustainability will follow and humankind will be a success.” is created by teams of artists, scientists, investigative journalists, show producers, conscious creative’s and social entrepreneurs as a forward-thinking social action network for humanity’s next adventure. We, as humanity, can come to understand the effects of our actions and our decisions on our health and for the well being of all. With Mobilized.News help us create an experience where we learn that we are not separate from one another. A virtual reality with tools, to find how we can help each other, heal each other, and come to a broad consensus of how a new equitable paradigm on earth might be realized through our everyday choices, actions, and visions of the whole.

Our mission is to help understand that we are not separate from one another but that We are One. Our vision is that we are one, and that we can become a cooperative holistically evolving human society. An earthen landscape of eco webs and shared social systems working together for peace and prosperity with nature. This future is in our own hands. What are we waiting for?

For humanity to thrive we are going to need, what has failed us, to be completely disenfranchised, through wide spread consensus and action. Let’s build anew with what serves us best. Become part of the conversation with Mobilized.News. were we can find, explore and agree on what Changes we need now.


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Nuremberg Trial Prosecutor’s Warning: Make Law, not War



"The hope and love of our those who came before is resides in our hearts. The love of all future generations resides in our actions." --Steven Jay, Co-Founder,

NOTE FROM THE PUBLISHER,  STEVEN JAY: The author of this article is over 100 years old. He is the last living American prosecutor from the Nuremberg trials where Nazi perpetrators were brought to justice for their atrocities against humanity.

On March 11th, 2020,  Ben Ferencz was celebrating his 100th Birthday.  While I attempted to see him earlier in the day to wish him a Happy 100th (!!!) he was unavailable at that time, and I was on the way to visit my dad in the Hospital.  Upon returning home from the Hospital, Ben invited me into his home where we recorded a video message (below) to encourage and enlighten my Dad with the hope that he would recover from Aspirating Pneumonia.

While I am grateful to have been able to share this message with my Dad,  my Father would not recover from his ailment and would pass away at 6:59 a.m. three days later.

Before we get into Ben’s message about Law and War, I am reminded of the moment that Dad gave me the idea for a good news network.  His words and his love for humanity would transform into this project, and my Dad’s love resides in all we do here.

This project is dedicated to my Dad, and everyone who made and makes a difference with their eternal love. Thank you.  —Steven Jay



The sole surviving prosecutor from the Nuremberg Trials warns that an executive order from President Trump regarding the International Criminal Court is cause for concern.

The post first appeared in The Daily Beast.


Given the death toll from COVID-19 and the continuing public outcry over police brutality in the United States, it may have gone largely unnoticed that on June 11, President Trump issued an executive order targeting the International Criminal Court (ICC), the Hague-based war crimes tribunal that the United States has refused to join.

The order, which has prompted harsh condemnation from the international justice community and other concerned stakeholders, comes on the heels of a recent ruling by the ICC authorizing an impartial investigation into war crimes and crimes against humanity alleged to have been committed by the various parties to the conflict in Afghanistan.

The order seeks to impose economic and US travel sanctions on any foreign person “directly engaged in any effort by the ICC to investigate, arrest, detain, or prosecute” personnel of the US or our allies without prior consent of their respective governments.

In announcing the sanctions, Secretary of State Michael Pompeo accused the ICC of being “highly politicized” and a “kangaroo court.” He said that the ICC would have done well to “do the right thing and kill the investigation.” Given that Pompeo was a director of the CIA when that agency is reported to have been complicit in the commission of war crimes committed by Afghan operatives, his views may perhaps come as no surprise.

As the sole surviving prosecutor from the Nuremberg Trials, I believe a few words are in order about what the ICC is and what it is not. Contrary to the current administration’s anti-ICC rhetoric, the court is neither unaccountable nor anti-American. It is a treaty-based organization whose statute has been ratified by 123 countries, including 27 of our 28 NATO allies.

Significant safeguards and limitations have been built into the ICC’s operating structure to assure that it does not become some sort of supra-national court run amok. Its judges and its prosecutor are elected for fixed terms by a governing assembly representing each of the court’s 123 member states, and they, along with the deputy prosecutor, the registrar and the deputy registrar, may all be removed from office for improper conduct.

It may hear cases related only to four specific crimes: genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and the crime of aggression. Its jurisdiction is generally limited to crimes committed by the nationals or on the territory of the states that have signed up to the court or that have voluntarily agreed to its jurisdiction. It has no enforcement arm of its own and must, therefore, rely on the cooperation of policing personnel from countries around the world to enforce its arrest warrants. Without such support, the ICC is relatively powerless.

The ICC recognizes the primacy of the national courts of all nations, including the United States. Its operating statute provides that countries which are willing and able to prosecute their own citizens may do so in their own domestic courts and that such rights supersede the jurisdiction of the ICC.

It is only where national courts fail in their obligation to genuinely and impartially investigate their own nationals that the ICC may move forward in exercising its jurisdiction. It is a court of last resort designed to assure that otherwise voiceless victims of atrocity crimes may ultimately have their day in court, whether it be before national courts or before the ICC itself if necessary.

Nations that uphold the law in their own courts need have no fear of ICC investigations. Having said this, countries with a record of pardoning war criminals who have been duly convicted by their own military courts of crimes as serious as the murder of unarmed detainees should be aware that such a pattern of conduct does little to enhance a country’s reputation for genuinely upholding the rule of law.

At Nuremberg, the United States and its allies tried Nazi leaders who dragged their nation into war to the tune of Deutschland Uber Alles. They considered themselves a law unto themselves, and it was their undoing. The Nuremberg Trials were intended not as victor’s justice, but to help establish a rule of law to deter future international crimes, regardless of who the perpetrators might be.

This point was clearly articulated by the American chief of counsel at the International Military Tribunal, Robert Jackson who, standing at the podium in Courtroom 600 in Nuremberg, emphasized that “while this law is first applied against German aggressors, the law includes, and if it is to serve a useful purpose it must condemn aggression by any other nations, including those which sit here now in judgment.”

It is true that the ICC has had its share of start-up woes, as did our own Supreme Court during its earliest decades. It is a relatively young institution that relies on the cooperation of countries around the world to bring perpetrators to justice. It is a challenging task, as not all countries make the cooperative effort that they should. But it is much too early to suggest that we should throw out the baby with the bathwater by condemning or by threatening the ICC. To do so is to repudiate Nuremberg and the rule of law for which so many around the world have sacrificed.

There was a time when the United States was looked upon as a bastion of leadership and of hope. As a nation, we produced statesmen such as Elihu Root, who served as a US attorney, Secretary of War, Secretary of State, US senator, and the founding president of the American Society of International Law. In 1913 he received the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to establish an international court. Though he studied elsewhere, there has long been a special room at Harvard honoring him. It was established in 1939, shortly before I arrived there as a law student. Above the doorway are words that inspired me then and inspire me still: “Make us effective and useful for the advancement of the cause of Peace and Justice and Liberty in the World.” Attacking the International Criminal Court for simply doing its job is most assuredly not the way to do that.

Friday was International Criminal Justice Day, a day on which the world recognizes both the passage on July 17, 1998 of the Rome Statute treaty that established the ICC as well as the hard-fought achievements and ongoing efforts at the ICC and elsewhere to secure justice for victims of the world’s gravest crimes. Having reflected on the importance of international criminal justice, we Americans today have some serious soul-searching to do and questions to answer. The rule of law is at peril, and so is our credibility and standing in the world.

On behalf of the countless victims of atrocity crimes around the world who look to the United States for moral leadership and to the ICC for help in the fight against impunity, I respectfully urge President Trump to reconsider the matter and to rescind his recent executive order and its sanctions.

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