Wait and See


Kellyanne Conway may be a lot of things, but one thing she is not, is stupid.

First, she garnered a Federal ethics violation regarding the use of her official position to hawk Ivanka Trump’s product line from the Whitehouse Press Room on national TV.  For that breach, she was “reprimanded” and required to take remedial training on the ethics rules.

Next, she violated the Hatch Act and was required to take more training, to familiarize herself with the requirements of that law.  The Hatch Act, passed in 1939, established the patronage system for federal employment and prohibits the president from firing the heads of independent executive agencies. Additionally, and specifically relevant to Kellyanne Conway, it prohibits federal civil service employees from active participation in partisan politics. In other words, they may not endorse one candidate over another, as she did with Roy Moore. POTUS AND VPOTUS are the exemptions.

Now, with two strikes against her and with full knowledge of the rules, she willfully violated the Hatch Act again, to endorse candidate Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate race.  What can we make of this? A brazen and relentless sycophant, with full knowledge she openly violated the law, and with the implicit (more than likely explicit) approval of her boss, was insured ultimate immunity, so as to fulfill his devious ends.

Clearly, she knew that what she was doing was illegal but it did not concern her.  She just didn’t care. In so doing, she provided cover for her boss, thus allowing him to implicitly endorse a repugnant child molester in order to maintain a Republican seat in the Senate. It’s only logical that she and Trump conspired in this regard since Trump does not need the political stain of such an endorsement and punitive action against KAC for a violation of the Hatch Act rests solely with him. It’s safe to say that nothing will happen to KAC.  In any other administration, she would have been fired by now. If Trump fired everyone in his inner circle who broke the law, he’d be alone in the Whitehouse with only Melania for support and these days, that looks rather doubtful.  Melania may have more ethics than Trump and certainly much more emotional intelligence. It only remains for her to fire him. As Trump likes to say, “We’ll just have to wait and see.”


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