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Voting for The Ocean

If the ocean dies, we all die.....

Vote the Ocean!

What is Vote the Ocean?

It’s a call to action, a message, and a mission to inspire political actions for the ocean among voters.

With the right ocean champions in Congress, we can strengthen the foundation for a healthy ocean.

And only you can help us do this when you register to vote and “Vote the Ocean”!

What is taking political action for the oceans? It’s voting for candidates that champion a healthy ocean and pro-ocean policies. It’s voting for pro-ocean legislation. It’s asking how any policy will affect the ocean. It’s spreading the word about Vote the Ocean. It’s contributing to Vote the Ocean, buy our book or tee-shirt.

Volume 166| October 29, 2019
The Radical Undersea Journey of Mr. Dude
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“If we could all look at our ocean from a fish’s perspective like Mr. Dude, we would realize that the sea desperately needs our help. Read this enchanting story about change to your children and tell them that they are the future and they have the power to do what needs to be done to protect our beautiful ocean.” Shaun Tomson, World Surfing Champion and Environmentalist
If You Have Time to March,
You Have Time to Vote
Politicians won’t pay attention to environmentalists until we start voting, so we’re going to turn up the heat…by turning up at the polls. The Environmental Voter Project finds environmentalists across the United States and makes sure that they vote in every election. 
Grab Your Vote The Ocean T-Shirt Now!
Make some waves and vote the ocean. Every day we have the opportunity to make choices that will help protect our ocean. When you buy this shirt, you’re pledging to do the right thing and support a nonprofit that works to inspire people to protect our ocean! 
Vote the Ocean – Put a Stop to Gloomy Future for Oceans Under Trump Budget
Surfer, farmer, fisherman and others explain why they will #VotetheOcean. Will you?
Get Mobilized and Make Love Go Viral!

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