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Twelve Things We can all do to stave off climate catastrophy



Every week, we provide insights from the Mobilized collaborators around the world  Here we feature the wisdom from a woman’s point of view, infact, the authors of this post are the co-hosts and co-producers of the aptly titled weekly show on WMNF-FM in Tampa, “From a Woman’s Point of View.”

Mary Glenney
Arlene Englehart

  1. Walk or bicycle whenever you can. Fight for better and more efficient public transportation.
  2. When brushing your teeth or washing your face, turn the tap off except when rinsing.
  3. In a cold climate turn the thermostat down 2 degrees and dress warmer. In a warm climate turn the air conditioning up 2 degrees and dress appropriately.
  4. Stop using plastic.
  5. Be aware of sources of methane (fracking, fossil fuel production, cows), fight for elimination.
  6. Be aware of the Institute for Biomimicry and the ways nature works to heal itself.
  7. Check your personal of 30% reduction.
  8. If you say you love your grandchildren, you must take responsibility for what we have done to the environment. We are the ones that have to fix it.
  9. Plant a tree and get your neighborhood involved in tree planting.
  10. Be aware of potable water in your community and fight to protect it.
  11. We must work on collective items:
  12. Eliminate fossil fuels.
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