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Truth, Trust and Justice

Only by knowing the truth can we trust any person, place, system, or structure.

Only by knowing the truth can we trust any person, place, system, or structure.

By “Chuck”  Woolery, Former Chair, United Nations Association, Council of Organizations

The very fabric and survival of our civilization requires that these twin engine of progress run smoothly. Justice is the only fuel that keeps these twin engines running smoothly.

“On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.”

If we are to sustainably maximize our freedom, security, and prosperity we must find a relatively fast and maximumly effective means of detecting things that cannot be trusted. And, an effective means of maintaining accountability and a means of correcting people or things that cannot be trusted.

Since our creation, human creativity, aided by opposable thumbs, has enabled us to develop adequate technological capacity to wipe all advanced life off the face of the earth, or spread it’s unimaginable (divine?) creation to other planets before ours is inevitably destroyed by events beyond our control or the evolution of things we failed to control.

The evolution of weaponry and war alone should convince us that our reliance on technology and the goodness of people alone are insufficient. Some believe religion is an answer, but after 2000 years of wars inspired by flawed religious doctrines or failure to follow profound religious doctrines, has only delivered us a perilous future where Armageddon, and other threats to our species is increasingly likely.

Others who have relied on their own government, an economic system, or overwhelming military power to deliver and maintain their freedom and security must now also admit the dead in path of this folly.

The dual-use nature of almost any technology’s potential to be used for weapons of mass disruption or destruction — by virtually anyone (or small group) with a real or imaginary grievance – has been obvious for at least two decades. Yet our response to this unprecedented and accelerating threat environment has been limited by three human behaviors that cannot continue. Ignoring it, looking backward for answers, or being too timid in advocating obvious solutions must end.

Unfortunately, there are now two relatively new technological advances that put even this possibility at risk. In the near future either of these technologies will limit if not obliterate our capacity to control things. Things that up till now we could have largely controlled…preventing untold human deaths, suffering, and environmental destruction, but chose not to for political, economic, or selfish reasons.

First is Artificial Intelligence (AI). And it like every technology is dual use. It will be used according to the intent of the human entity behind it, until AI gains consciousness and develops its own intentions we may have no control over. A decades old NASA joke consisted of their scientists putting together all of their computers to ask the question “Is there a God?”. When all were connected and turned on the question fed in. The super computer’s answer, “Now there is”. I’m aware of only two optimistic scenarios of the inevitable outcome of AI gaining consciousness. One is integrating our advances of this technology into human brains so we might maintain some control. Or, AI rapidly grasping our planets existential dilemma, and controlling all global systems and structures to hold destructive humans accountable for their actions.

The other technology already advancing its capacity due to existing AI capacity is call “Deep fakes”. The digital capacity to create/generate virtually real audio and visual presentations with the intent to manipulate the thinking and actions of those who view it. Given our existing human capacity to believe literally ANYTHING and even reject ‘self-evident truths’ the advances in this technology will only exacerbate an already predictably chaotic future.

Mobilized founder, Steven Jay, and his associates are attempting to engineer a means where others who are committed to preserving trust, telling the truth and bringing ‘justice to all’ can come together to offer a hopeful alternative to the devolution of existing media channels. There is NO guarantee this can be done. There is a guarantee if our collective failure to urgently head in this direction fails.
After the use of the first nuclear weapons, Albert Einstein was once asked “what weapon do you think WW III would be fought with?” He said “I don’t know. But I do know WW IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

We are rapidly running out of time to rediscover and codify the “Laws of Nature and Nature’s God” that were offered as great “Truths” that were held as “Self-evident” in 1776 our Declaration of Independence.

There is not enough time to globally codify the inalienable rights of “Life, liberty and the pursuit if Happiness”. The only practical hope we have now is globally achieving the list of rights listed in the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights (70th anniversary this coming December 10th), is meeting the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by the year 2030.

Given the current debts and deficits of nearly every nation on earth there is only one source of funding capable that will not make matters worse. And most of it was originally intended to improve human lives. According to experts tracking vast treasures in offshore accounts there is over $32 trillion put there by kleptocrats, international criminal cartels, and wealthy capitalists avoid taxes. Freezing and seizing at least half of their booty would do much to address the root causes of so many local and global problems in every nation and natural environment.

What’s missing is the coming together of souls committed to ‘justice for all’. These souls are most abundant in four increasingly connected movements. The environmental movement, the peace movement, the social/economic justice movement, and the millions of Americans willing to take citizen action on their repeated pledge of “liberty and justice for all.” Only such a movement of movements can achieve the global justice required to act on the self-evident truths that cannot sanely be challenged and restore the trust our civilization needs to thrive and survive.

You are either with us, or against the truth, trust, and justice. Who be you?

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