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One thing’s for certain… Trump has been a boon for book publishers and media networks, alike.  Books, books, books, they’re everywhere. One of the latest, titled “Warning” by anonymous, threatens to take us inside Trump’s inner sanctum to reveal the banality of his process and the corrupt nature of his chaotic administration.  But this morning, another surfaced that is for the meantime of a different kind of interest.

In their morning segment, CNN hosted John Lithgow presenting his new book of poetry called “Dumpty,” a satiric criticism of Trump and his cronies in rhyme, then went on to interview him concerning his new role as Roger Ailes in an upcoming star-studded movie. All was well and good until the very end when Lithgow slipped in a last-minute comment that went unnoticed and unchallenged.  He said that Fox News would be better today if Roger Ailes was still in charge. WHOA!

One has to assume that after HBO’s tell-all on Ailes, “The Loudest Voice,” any sympathy for Ailes and his forceful command to make the news bend to his will would have dissipated in the light of day.  Further, evidence of his sexually predatory management is clearly evident and substantially abusive.  One would have to think that Lithgow was not unaware of the HBO event and especially after having portrayed Ailes in a major film release, could remain unaware of his destructive influence on the media, the American electoral process and our society in general.

To author an anti-Trump book while at the same time offering praise for Ailes would have to be seen by any reasonable mind as contradictory positions.  But it is symptomatic of where we find ourselves today.  People who support Trump’s policies tend to overlook his indefensible tactics, and may at times decry the man but support the system that keeps him in power, however corrupt, but marginally legal.

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