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Transparent Trump

While Trump has claimed transparency in all things as an ethical principle of his administration, his every effort has been focused on obfuscation by denials, misdirection and outright lies.  However, the unwitting doofus that he is cannot escape the transparency of his actions, actions that reveal the true nature of this simpleton’s intent.

In a pronouncement yesterday, Trump revealed his intention to terminate the policy of social distancing prematurely by cloaking himself in a “love” for the holiday of Easter.  By pandering to the Christian right he is attempting to marshal support for a disastrous economic move by (in his own words) packing the churches. “Wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing?”

Yes it would, Donald… just make sure that Pence and all the cabinet attend the same service together in a hotspot.  Surely, a lesson learned would be a wonderful thing.

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