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Together: We Save the World




To what happens when we cooperate.

We can’t do it alone. We need everyone.

For too long we have been taught a failed and flawed story of who we are in relationship to everyone–and everything else.

It is this flawed story that is at the epicenter, the root cause to most of our human created problems: We were taught stories of division instead of unity, we were taught stories that make us feel powerless instead of ones of intestinal fortitude. Leading to massive consumerism bringing about our current environmental and public crises. We have been taught to lose belief in the power of ourselves and thus causing social crises. We have come to believe in this man-made separation, a false isolation from the natural world, were independence cannot exist as everything is interdependent, working synergistically with everything. It is this flawed story that has helped to create just about every major human created problem or crises we now face globally.

It is time to tell a different story. A story of what happens when we work together, when we co-create without compromise and where our systems, our structures and ethical principles support one another like natural organisms.

It is time for, every social activist, every social organization, for every person to come together. We must share our collective wisdom and evidence based expertise for a healthier co-existence on our planet.

We invite you to be an important collaborator in creation; by creating a one, to two minute, video with your mobile phone, describing a world you envision.

By holding your mobile phone horizontally in landscape format, you can tell a simple story of who you are and where you live.  What you do, your family life and what you desire in the world. You could talk about; health, peace, family, equality, whatever. As long as you bring a sincere and personal truth. We will then edit stories from around the world in a mosaic and tapestry that helps us overcome our misunderstandings, while building bridges of acceptance. Let us show that no matter where you live, what color or shape or size or gender, no matter your family persuasion or sexual orientation, your income or finance level, your level of education or religious belief, that we, all of the worlds people want pretty much the same things.

It can be in your native language of French or Spanish, German or Swahili, Hebrew or Arabic, Italian or Afrikaans, but if it is in a language other than English, please provide an English translation for subtitles. We are also co-creating a music project and will be on the lookout for global music and arts. We will invite NGOs and Charities to share their visions as well.

Please send all video files to us by  clicking here to send video files.

At a time where many of our leaders, media companies and special interest groups try to divide us, we wish to bring all of humanity together.  To do this, we are co-creating an International media project which will be co-created by artists and producers, organizations and initiatives who are dedicated to building bridges between us to help us overcome misunderstandings and find better ways of working together.

We invite you to become a collaborator in creation of a better together.

Details on how it works follows below. To become a collaborator in creation, please read the information below for submission details.

Starting point:

A campaign for regional and International submissions begins the process. Artists and creative talent, global initiatives and charities, Non Government organizations take part in the worlds first collaborative movie cooperative. There is also a music project. But at the moment we will focus on the movie.

The story is simple and very much overlooked.

  • That we are all born into a world with the same basic needs and desires, to live and love who we choose, to be healthy and have a place to live, to be accepted as we are. As well as all of the other human rights identified by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • By showing the similarities we share in different cultures as well as religious beliefs, we want to show that, as one large family, all of our actions affect everything; sometimes called The Butterfly Effect.
  • By inviting diverse organizations and NGO’s from around the world we are able to somehow enable looking at life through a different lens, through the lens of Unity.
  • To accomplish this movement we invite those that we know and trust to start the project by taking a one minute or less video on their mobile phone held horizontally (landscape.)
  • Additionally, all contributors   should state their name and location and affiliations at the onset of the recording.
  • Videos will then be submitted through a special page on the website and reviewed.
  • This process will continue to spread as people are looking for something that is bigger than them.
  • The final project will be edited by Michael Caporale who is a Mobilized contributor and motion picture producer.
  • The projects executive producers are Steven Jay and Michael Caporale.
  • Once finished and ready for review, the team will receive a link with a private code for 1 time streaming.

The finished project is then utilized as a fund-raiser for all charities and organizations as well as those involved with the project creation. A special link is provided to all talent for promotion and an accounting of all sales from the derived sales determine how much each organization or person receives.

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