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All the World’s a Stage. What part are you playing?

“When individuals join in a cooperative venture, the power generated far exceeds what they could have accomplished acting individually.” ~ R. Buckminster Fuller

Where the world creates together

Millions of people and thousands of organizations are working in silos on solutions.  What if we harnessed the power and potential to create a whirlwind of conscious creativity to empower people everywhere?  Mobilized is building the global network for action: clarity above all, news without the noise, fact (not fiction) accessible to all on all your digital devices.  Join us for free as we build the worlds largest network of conscious creativity for better, together.

People. Planet. Purpose: Most systems put up walls and barriers. We eliminated them altogether.

Empowering the cooperative  and purposeful, integrated actions required for real systematic change to solve our current challenges while promoting the new systems, services and policies that create harmonious balance and equilibrium for all life. We have created this platform to unite us and democratize the wisdom and knowledge to take action. All access, all the time.

There is something very powerful about being an empowered and well-informed global citizen.

While leaders in every sector continue to plunder the planets resources for their personal, short-sighted gains, millions of people have taken to the streets to march and protest, occupy and rebel against their crimes against the planet and humanity. What if we came together to share our collective wisdom and power and bring together real systems and services as well as the policies that serve us all?  When the people lead, the leaders will follow.

United in Harmony

Architect Buckminster Fuller said:

“You cannot change how someone thinks, but you can give them a tool to use which will lead them to think differently.”

We are here to unite people, overcome misunderstandings and create better ways of working together. We invite pioneers, inventors, innovators, conscious creators, media makers and Earth-shakers to join us as we share our wisdom, come together in the spirit of collective communications and  we bring forth the ideas into action for a healthier, safer, and more balanced world for our collective journey.

“We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims.”

Mobilized is a nationally aired Television series, a global network of conscious creators, media makers and earth-shakers, and an International platform, accessible to all people on all digital devices, dedicated to the democratization of knowledge, the sharing of evidence-based wisdom, the empowerment of imagination, and the curation of systems and services that are dedicated to the rebirth of a compassionate and harmonious, conscious humanity that features free and open exchanges of wisdom, the amplification of ideas into actions, and the stories of what’s working.

We are here to re-think our lives and actions, unite people in solidarity for our collective purpose, and to bring forth the leaders and pioneers dedicated to the health and well-being of planet and purpose.


An Ecosystem of Opportunity–Evidence-based, Access for All, Inspired by Nature, Powered by Passionate People and Empowered by Imagination

Building bridges between communities and movements as we explore the root causes of our ongoing crises.  Instead of putting on band-Aids, solving the problem by we are dedicated to providing the long-term solutions.

As we build an international community of ideas into actions,together we will empower people to create the type of future we want without harming any of our planetary life support systems.

The Mobilized Ecosystem includes a local-to-global community media hub creator, a global project Creatrixx, weekly Idea into Action Exchanges, a Resource Center, Interviews with those on the front lines of system change who inspire communities around the globe, and a new kind of decentralized life-long learning hub for a new kind of world.

“A new world will be created not by those who live life in fear, but instead, those of us live in love for all life, people everywhere who understand the challenges and the root cause of existing problems and crises, and are willing to share their knowledge across the borders of perception.” –Steven Jay, Co-Founder,

Join the Network that’s Uniting People for the Common Good

Join a lively exchange of inspiring perspectives that confront some of the greatest problems we face.   Instead of fighting what we don’t want, we are here to create what we DO WANT, through open collaboration and creation. Prevention is the best medicine.

Initiatives, Projects, Dedicated Experiences

We are collaborators in creation. Projects include life-changing initiatives, the arts and sciences and interconnected health and communication..

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