The walls between us must be removed

When we think about it, our collective humanity has created some amazing things; we can communicate around the world at lightning speed, we can go to the moon and bring our travelers safely back home to planet earth; we can even send a satellite 1,000,000 miles in to space and send beautiful photos for us to look at and gaze at with awe…

But our biggest crises is not one of technology. It is a crises of imagination and ability to communicate.

Our ongoing multiple crises, climate and environment, soil degradation, continual wars, pollution, economic and political are all failures of imagination with the need to communicate better.

We must put our differences aside and realize that if we don’t come together for the health of all life, and our planet which we depend upon for life support, in the several thousand year struggle will have been lost and there will be no one and nothing left.

The choice we need to make is if we are to continue as a species or not. And in order to continue we must communicate while getting over our differences.

Yes, the Walls between us can be removed. They must.

May the passionate come out to play,

Steven Jay