The Undertow with Mark Metz : How Corruption in the Energy Sector Sabotages Sustainability

Recorded on Monday, January 24, 2022 at 6 pm. Eastern / 3 pm Pacific Time (USA/Canad)

If governmental regulations around the world really existed to serve the common good, we would have seen a global green energy revolution several decades ago. Instead, sustainable energy solutions have had an uphill battle in the marketplace due to the power structure that favors professional lobbyists and the fossil fuel industries that back them.

Eugene Wilkie has been at the front lines of green tech development around the world with his firm Now Solar for over 30 years. In this wide-ranging conversation, you’ll learn how clean energy has butted heads with corruption behind the scenes and why the lobbying framework has stood in the way of progress. Plus the current battle for the soul of democracy in America, how the sustainable energy sector fits into the anti-autocracy movement, and what you can do to help in your own community.

Description of the Series: Why isn’t the world making faster progress on climate change, social justice, and human rights? Well, because “kleptocracy thrives in the soil of chaos.”

There’s an undertow against forward motion on every front lurking just beneath the surface. It’s an iron triangle of corrupt government officials, crooked corporations, and transnational organized crime. In other words, dirty money and a criminal culture of greed. The only thing standing in the way between a healthy future for humanity or slow death at the hands of a global network of autocratic mafia states is Western Liberal Democracy.

Join Mark Metz as he brings you the courageous citizen journalists and independent researchers doing the thankless task of exposing this underworld.

Produced by Mark Metz and Jeff Van Treese
Executive Producer is Steven Jay


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