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The Power of Networks to Scale Innovation



“The way change really happens is not because government just decides to do it or because the corporate executives decide to do it,   it happens because of collaboration with networks of people moving together to put difficult innovative solutions in  place; solutions that will actually change the system not just incrementally–so there’s a big link between network building and sustainable communities which are really interdependent.” –Peter Plastrik,

Connect > Innovate > Scale Up: How Networks Create Systems Change

On June 20, 2022, Mobilized News interviewed Peter Plastrik, one of the three Authors of a book on how teams in networks, not individuals in silos, are the real innovators. What follows is the raw and unedited footage of the conversation. We wanted to provide this to you in advance of it airing on FSTV to give you a valid insight of our plan for an Innovators Network.

Details on this important book can  be found here

Their new book provides frameworks, insights, and advice about building networks to develop social innovations and takes them to scale. Tapping into the experiences of more than 20 successful networks, we tackle five key topics in depth:

  • systems change
  • development of social innovations
  • pathways to scale
  • design of networks
  • social-innovation network leadership.

Social innovation is demanding, uncertain, and prolonged work. Those of us who have chosen this work can benefit from knowing the lived experiences, practical knowledge, lessons learned, and stories of other practitioners and experts. Connect > Innovate > Scale Up fills a know-how gap in the social innovation field. It provides world-tested knowledge that can feed your confidence and hope and guide thought and action. Most important, it proclaims something we all want to hear: you are not alone and you can make a difference.

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