The Positive Mind: The “Good Child” Syndrome and Resilience

In this week’s show, Hosts talk about how “programming” in childhood can lead to inflexibility as an adult and a low level of resilience. Most often, children are programmed through negativity: “Don’t do that. Don’t touch that. Don’t complain.” This can force a child to create a “good child” persona that causes them to detach from a feeling self. They will carry this “good child” persona into adulthood, and lose the capacity to be real to themselves or any future partner. Kevin and Niseema talk about ways to undo this terrible and destructive syndrome. Niseema Dyan Diemer / Kevin O’Donoghue

The Positive Mind radio show explores innovative techniques and modalities for identifying what causes us pain and anxiety and for finding sources of comfort, healing and momentum in our lives– and practical ways to engage them for personal growth and greater daily satisfaction. Our guests include authors, researchers, therapists, healers, and artists who consider the ways we can learn to care for ourselves and others. Together we invite you to embrace tools to help you lead a more positively minded life.

  • Kevin O’Donoghue is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and principal student of the renowned pioneering psychotherapy radio host and inventor of the Intense Feeling Process, Armand DiMele. Kevin is the Director of The Positive Mind Center in NYC and comes from the world of teaching and business management.
  • Niseema Dyan Diemer is a Licensed Massage Therapist and trauma specialist. She is the Director of Development for the Positive Mind Center, has her own private practice in Somatic based Trauma Therapy and is a former faculty member at The Swedish Institute, College of Allied Health Sciences.