The One-Man Band.

Republican National Convention: Day Four

It seems as though one of my greatest satisfactions these days is hurling foul-mouthed insults at my smart-screen from the reclined comfort of my strato-lounger.  I wonder if this has become the new, “Great America,” national pastime. How many of you have joined Rex Tillerson and I (who would have thought Rex and I would have anything in common?) in calling Donald Trump a “fucking moron?” But unlike Rex, my litany does not stop there, nor is it limited to Trump, or even his Whitehouse staff, but extends to the GOP Congress, his spokespersons & surrogates and yes, the bane of my television-viewing experience, lock-step pundits. “Dick wad,” “douchebag,” “ass-wipe,” and “fucktard” are but a few of the more-polite terms I intersperse with actionable phrases like “eat shit and die” or the rather simple “go fuck yourself,” whatever that means, for a more colorful effect, yet somehow all of these fall short of the mark.

Trump’s political moves are a simpleton’s fulfillment of bonehead campaign promises, a testing of disaster-prone strategies on subjects whose lives hang in the balance. As a businessman, Trump learned his first lesson well–use OPM, other people’s money.  Financial success is shared, but financial failure is born by others, as those failed enterprises left in Trump’s wake can attest to. Now, ensconced as he is in the presidency, he has redefined the use of OPM so that it benefits him and his cadre disproportionately to his investors, we the people.

Take for example his penny-wise and pound-foolish tariffs a simpleton’s solution for a chaotic economic problem, marketed to and approved by a public lacking the depth of understanding of the very real, potential economic consequences.  A chaotic system is one in which the turbulence created by a single action feeds back into the system to create more turbulence as the unforeseen outcome soon becomes a hurricane. To quote the simpleton, “Who could have known it would be this hard?”  Exactly! Who? Certainly not you, Donald.  Did you not realize that the protection of a few jobs through tariffs comes at the expense of many other jobs in other sectors of the economy, a rise in inflation, a falling stock market, a widening trade imbalance, damage to U.S. foreign policy and loss of American influence abroad.  Who could have known?  Perhaps some of those “smartest advisors” you appointed, of the few who remain in office because they realize they are the only tidal barrier against the storm you are creating, could have helped in formulating policy.  But at three in the morning, as you tweet knee-jerk policy, free from advice or constraints, those few advisors are sound asleep.  Their circadian rhythms and yours are out of synch. While your audience may believe that they are listening to an orchestra, it’s really a one-man band beating a bass drum.