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The Mobilized Global Summits


From around the world into your home (or office)

April 20, 2022, to June 26, 2022

Over the course of the last several hundred years, the systems, services and policies used to enforce and manage them have destroyed what it has taken Mother Nature billions of years to create.

If we were to start a new and improved civilization, what systems, services and policies would we need to put into place to enable and empower ultimate health and well-being for the people, the planet and all life?

“Man must follow the laws of nature or Man will not survive.” –Albert Einstein.

By transforming a “traditional conference or exposition” into an ongoing, participatory idea into action media event, we are able to enable a clear understanding of the situation at hand, where we need to go, and create a GPS or roadmap to get there.

The most important natural resource is a well-informed public.

Mobilized is bringing together a committed group of passionate media makers and earth-shakers, social entrepreneurs, reporters, scientists, media makers, and earth-shakers for our Mobilized Global Summit.  

We’ll examine the interconnectedness of all life and systems so that people everywhere will understand how to create better scenarios, healthier ecologic economies, more substantial businesses, media that genuinely serve the public, and take a stand for what you believe in.

The world has changed forever. But, as much of the corporate world is trying to find its footing while maintaining its stranglehold on the world’s services and systems, a new world is trying very hard to emerge.

In this world, we understand the deep connections between planetary health and personal health, a world where media is a public service while holding power to account, a world where shifts in the ways we live our lives improve the quality of life for people everywhere, a world of affordable and renewable really clean energy, decolonization of lands and people, a global media commons, and more.  ..

What if we worked together to harness the wisdom of experts dedicated to enabling a healthier co-existing for all the people, the planet, and all life?

An empowered world: We are ready!

Millions of people and thousands of organizations work in the shadows and communities everywhere on real-world solutions. These solutions must see the light of day and receive the amplification they genuinely need.

And bringing this wisdom to people everywhere requires a transformation in the way we look at media, information, and communications.

Humanity needs an information upgrade.

Please join us in conversations dedicated to the ultimate health and well-being of the people, the planet, and all life. Where we need to go, and how we will get there.

These are live, virtual idea-into-action events.

Mobilized is building a new kind of media for a new type of world.

Real-world solutions for today—and tomorrow. News without the noise. Facts, not fiction, are accessible to all people no matter where in the world you live. It’s what you want, the way you want it, inspired by nature, powered by passion, and empowered by imagination.

The Mobilized World Forums

April 20, 2022:    Media Literacy 

April 28,                 Enabling Planetary Health for Personal Health 

May 12                     Saving Democracy

May 26                    Decolonization the Reservations and Anti-Apartheidism

June 16                    Saving Western Civilization by Reinventing Capitalism by Putting Soul in the Machine

June 30                   To be Announced


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