We are  the Mobilized News Network.  We are artists and designers, producers and scientists. Media makers and Earth-shakers, workers, citizens and pro-sumers.  We are academics, writers, leads in business, community development, unions and policymakers.  We are both industry and public.  We are a movement and a community.  You will find us everywhere.

We believe that a better world is enabled when We, the people, come together in solidarity for the health and well-being of us all—and our beautiful blue planet.  We love our work, and we demand evolutionary change.

These are our stories.

The Future is Now

As the corporate world struggles for world domination, We the People of the World realize that a well-informed global citizenry is the strongest natural resource of all.  With this realization, Mobilized transforms and elevates the conference experience into an ongoing fully participatory interactive media action center. No travel, no hotels, no costs, no bureaucracy, no aggravation, no kidding.

Unveiling the Mobilized News and Action Network

For the past year, beginning October, 2021, Mobilized News on Free Speech TV unveiled a kaleidoscope of ideas-into-action from some of the brightest minds worldwide who continue to make a difference in the communities they live in.

We are excited to usher in a new suite of projects for our ever-evolving world we live in. These launches elevate us all from producers of a weekly television series into an idea into action communications platform that every person, organization, initiative, NGO and community can utilize to unlock their potential and achieve their goals.

Your front row seat to the change you wish to create in the world

Be an important part of a generous and inclusive community of artists and producers, scientists and social activists, media makers and earth shakers who come together from around the world to share their wisdom-into-action for a healthier co-existence.  It is time for a new story.

Re-imagine the Way We  Create the Future

Every year, thousands of people from around the world continue to attend the same conferences over and over again.  No matter where one lives, these conferences all have the same thing in common: When the doors close, the actions stop. (and then continue, again, the following year….and the following year…kicking the can a bit further down the block without creating the changes we need in the world for optimal health.

  • Real system change happens not in a boardroom or a conference center; it happens in local communities.
  • It is time to amplify the stories of what’s working and inspire communities worldwide to put real world solutions into practice.
  • Imagine transforming a traditional conference into an ongoing media network, taking inspired ideas into action in your community.
  • A changing world needs a platform for communities everywhere to understand and adapt to the changes.
  • An empowered world. Are we ready?

The Mobilized news and Action Network features an ecosystem of systems that work in synergy together.

Mobilized News Network  An interactive space for collective wisdom and knowledge of real change, long-term solutions and the big ideas required to create real community power while inspiring realistic strategies for a way forward. As we continually experience the transformation in food, information, media, materials and transport, let us not make the mistakes and go back to the way thing were and instead, let us learn from our mistakes and make the right choices; choices that rapidly enable us to create a more just and sustainable civilization of unprecedented universal and sustainable prosperity for all. When we have the right information, we can put it to proper use.

GPS for Humanity’s Next Adventure…: An interactive and educational roadmap inspired by Nature, powered by passionate people and empowered by imagination.  A realistic idea-into-action WIKI for real innovation, because when it comes real innovations to solve and prevent crises, a well-informed society is the most powerful natural resource of all. Our health and well-being requires cooperation, not proprietary thinking.

Mobilized News on Free Speech TV:  A weekly series produced by Steven Jay and hosted by Jeff Van Treese;   Mobilized takes a deep look at our world, the consequences of human activity on our planet, and how we can reverse and prevent existing and future crises from occurring. Mobilized reveals life on our planet as a system of systems which all work together for the optimal health of the whole. The show delves into deep conversations with change-makers so people can clearly take concerted actions.

Showcase of Solutions: The creation of a local to global solutions showcase, from understanding carbon footprints, to community solutions that can be taken today—and not in 20 or 30 years.

Career Board and Un-classifieds: A local to global classified directory and community resource built, maintained and owned by the communities themselves.

Empower Everyone

A well-informed global citizenry is the most powerful natural resource of them all.

Mobilized for Organizations, Media Makers + Earth Shakers

Share your wisdom and knowledge across the information divide and bring ideas to life; discover new possibilities and ways of advancing and elevating your cause and/or solutions with the power and potential of the stories that bring them to life.  Mobilized brings people together to create better, together.
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