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The Idiot’s Guide To Family Reunification

unification for dummies

Where have I heard this before?  “I have a plan, but I’m not going to reveal it.  Wait and see. It’s a great plan.  You’ll be very happy.”  Seems like that’s Trump’s answer for just about everything.  Is he that clueless or just that devious?  Or both?

What can be so hard about reuniting the immigrant, asylum-seeking children with their parents?  The administration says that they know where they all are, but they don’t want to reveal where.  Why?

Let’s assume for the moment that they are not lying. So, here’s a plan that even the most mentally-challenged idiot could enact.  Take all the children and all the parents and transport every last one of them, along with their papers, to the same location. Now with everyone in the same spot, matching children to mothers and fathers will be very easy.

C’mon Donald, do something right for once in your life.

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