Launching January, 2023 on Free Speech TV

In a world of information overload
We cut through the clutter of noise
To show human activity in our world and how
We can solve pre-existing crises while
Preventing new ones from emerging.

It’s the news without the noise
Facts, not fiction.
Clarity above all else.
From around the world into your home–or office.
Delivered daily.
From the experts in the fields.
Making a difference in the world,
One story at a time.

Executive Producer: Steven Jay
Producers: Jeff Van Treese II, Steven Jay
Editor: Jeff Van Treese II
Music: Ketsa “Upper Levels”

All shows preview a solutions with details linked on various webpages.

For all Program Submissions.

  • Show #1: Empower your Inner Einstein
  • Show #2: Understanding the Benefits of Agroecology
  • Show #3: Food and Human Fuel: Understanding the Benefits of a Heart Healthy Diet
  • Show #4: The New Energy Movement
  • Show #5: Yesterday’s Science Fiction is Today’s Science Fact
  • Show #6: Overcoming Obstacles of People with Disabilities
  • Show #7: Overcoming the Crisis of Imagination