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create better, together

Get out of the Matrix of Control and into the Creatrixx of Life

Where the world unites to create a better, together

A Web of Life for all Life: Inspired by Nature, Powered by Passionate People, Empowered by Imagination

“We are called to be the architects of a better future, or to become its victims.”

—R. Buckminster Fuller

MOBILIZED is a new kind of media for a new kind of world: Immersive, hands-on, participatory.


“We are to be the Architects of our future, or to become its victims.”


Mobilized inspires and empowers a well-informed active citizenry to create a harmonious, sustainable, regenerative and just world that works for all the people, the planet and all life.


To collaboratively build a media info-structure and ecosystem that shows our world as an open, living, breathing ecosystem; a system that cooperatives and supports all life on the planet for a truly sustainable and regenerative life-affirming world that works for all the people, the planet, and all living things.


To empower global citizens by revealing the ideas and the actions, the people and their communities who are fearless in their constant pursuit of excellence.  To do this, we are collectively reaching out to prospective partnerships that believe in collaboration and cooperation, not competition or the power of their egos.  To truly make this work, our collaborators in creation are open-minded, open-hearted and seek partnerships to help amplify their actions in a meaningful, purposeful way.    Mobilized is a self-sufficient collective media cooperative which takes no funding from special interest groups. We’re not for sale.

Collaborators in Creation

Our partnerships help us to enable an audience of millions of people around the world who are constantly seeking conscious creatives that can help to put ideas into action.  As a collaborative media cooperative, we partner with cutting edge organizations and initiatives who  are open-minded and open-hearted.    To find out how to become a collaborator in creation, you can contact us here.

News without the Noise: Clarity out of the Confusion

In a world of media overload, we keep you in touch with the stories that really matter, live and on-demand.

People, Planet, Purpose

We are here to show our world—and human activity on our world, as a living, breathing open holistic organic ecosystem, an ecosystem whose whose parts work together for the health and well-being of the whole system.

Media as a Holistic Ecosystem

Working as a carefully inter-linked and inter-connected holistic organism, our info-structure and ecosystem features several components that work together for the health of the whole system. You can discover our ecosystem works here.

The new powered by You: It is time for the passionate to come out to play

There is, in each and everyone of us, strokes of genius.  But many of our contemporary systems promote stories of conforming to a way of life that no longer serves us.  In order to truly enable a world that works–and a communication network that brings us closer to one another without compromising the integrity of the health of people and planet, people will need to be empowered, inspired and excited to take part.


It is time for a new story.

The story of global cooperation for the health and well-being of all the people, the planet, and for all life on Earth. 

The Walls Between us have been removed.

A new kind of media for a new, kinder world

Leading a participatory collaborative movement of movements for the health and well-being of all life.  Our future is cooperative.

We are here to inspire, empower, educate and inform, to involve and nurture, to develop and promote the ideas-into-actions necessary that unite people everywhere towards  a sustainable and regenerative world that works for all the people, the planet and all life on Earth;

Collaboratively cooperative

We are professionals who have been there, done that and continue to do the amazing.  We have united across the borders of perception to create an evidence-based, imagination-enabled public media commons that unites people everywhere towards a truly sustainable and regenerative world that works for the health of the people, the planet, and all life on earth.

News without the Noise

It’s what you want, the way you want it, when you want it.  It is our goal is to inspire and empower how new ways of thinking and action can work towards the prevention of pandemics and on-going crises.

—Mission Statement—

Tell a different story, a new story for the health and well-being of the people, the planet and all life. To inspire, guide and enable people everywhere to overcome misunderstandings, and work, create, do business and play with a more comprehensive understanding of the truth of our co-Existence by showing a deeper, richer and more fulfilling experience enabled thru the lens of whole system thinking and powered by our passionate collaborators.

 Just the Facts: Mobilized is Functional Media  (Non-Toxic, No Additives, No Sugar Coating and Not for Sale)

We exist to show peaceful co-Existence with the the natural world which is based on a holistic and comprehensive concept of our human activity in relationship to the physical, ecological and biological environment.

To lead by example showing a fully comprehensive and inclusive perspective of our planet and human society as a self-organizing, self-regulating, open, living organic system. To  promote holistic, synthetic, integrated thinking and action required for equitable and sustainable peace and prosperity in the 21st century. (UNESCO/WUNICON.)

—The Mobilized Ecosystem—

  • Experts Knowledge Trust and Cooperative News Network —A highly focused and carefully screened group of enlightened individuals that enable a Web 2.0 with practical focus. An online repository of practical knowledge with the “How-to’s” for those who are not in the know quite yet.  Information on how societies and cultures can advance utilizing the new media tools to share relevant and transformative information. This could be “Information Central” or “Creative Control” for Practical Solutions to existing and pre-existing problems.
  • Central hub for decentralized co-creation—A centralized system for Open Innovation, online global collaboration for problems to be solved outside of the influence of those who repress change, transition and transformation. A Collaborative network and Creatrixx: Information Central. Global collaboration between activists, experts, entertainers and ordinary citizen by inspiring and enabling transformation and transition.
    A Network such as what we are describing here could enable massive shifts in the way we do business and live our lives.
  • A global “creative commons” for evidence-based wisdom sharing—A Web 5.0, a “Wikipedia” for Sustainable and Regenerative Systems, services and resources
  • Cooperative Marketplace
  • Global Calendar of Events
  • Weekly tutorials and smarter conversations —

—What makes us different—

  • Evidence-based —No, alternative facts, no hype, and no comments allowed, no kidding! All feature stories must come with attributions
  • No Borders, All Access and fully Cooperative—As a cooperative network, it is absolutely essential that wisdom and the knowledge to apply it is available to everyone across the planet. No longer can this information be held back or padlocked by outside forces. At times of crises, the public requires access to the wisdom and the knowledge to apply it.
  • Inspired by Nature—Learning from the magnificence of the natural world can help us to solve many of our existing problems while preventing new ones from emerging
  • Powered by Passionate People—With millions of people around the world seeking solutions, we are here to unite people into an ecosystem of conscious creation
  • Empowered by Imagination—Imagine what we can do when we really wanted to?
  • Smarter Conversations—We don’t need another smart phone. We need a smarter conversation.
  • News without the noise—We dive into the wisdom and knowledge of experts to show a better way of doing things
  • Clarity out of Confusion—No toxic information overload
  • Localization instead of Globalization—We show how localized systems (food, public banking, the commons) can help to solve many of our existing problems and crises
  • The Stories of Main Street, not Wall Street—It’s what’s happening on the Streets that matters!
  • Ethical Principles—We are born on a foundation of ethical principles. We’re not for sale
  • GPS for Humanity’s next Adventure—Our feature stories and resource directory profiles help create a pathway to a healthier tomorrow, today
  • Non Partisan—A round globe has no sides.
  • Quality is  more important than ratings—We’re more interested in the impact of a feature story or conversation than how many eyeballs or ears are watching or listening!
  • Experienced Expertise—A web 5.0 built on a foundation of trust; evidence-based wisdom from those who have been there, done that, and continue to do the amazing
  • International Perspectives— A better understanding of our unique cultures can help us overcome misunderstandings.
  • Action-Enabled—Featured stories showcase ideas-into-action, what people can do today for a brighter tomorrow.
  • Non Toxic Media: It’s good for you—While most media is a story of disease and dysfunction, we’re here tell a different story, the story of what’s working.
  • Depth and access—we dive beneath the surface and into the very soul of the destination,—
    capturing the details missed by other travel media
  • Propelled by people and stories—they’re at the root of our discovery process
  • Complete immersion—offering experiences from the inside-out, through a local lens
  • Leading by example—our audience is, for the most part, committed, and at the very top of their game. There are millions of others looking for answers. Sometimes the answers we are looking for are right in front of our eyes.




Get Mobilized and Make Love Go Viral!

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