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The Chink In His Armor

It has been long recognized by the medical community that the road to recovery for any physical ailment is enhanced by a positive state of mind.  Really good caregiving requires the administers of care give special attention to the psychological needs of the patient.  For example, a patient with a severe case of narcissism, undiagnosed or not,  may require substantial exposure to mega-doses of an outpouring of love.  In Trump’s case, who better to know his needs than the patient himself.  So it was that less than an hour ago, Trump sheltered himself in his armored SUV, one in a parade of similar vehicles surrounded by Secret Service foot-soldiers to manage the crowds, and performed a quick round-the-block tour of the streets surrounding the Walter Reed Medical Center, to the adoring cheers of the Trump-Flag waving sentinels eager to show support of their fearless, wounded leader to drivers-by. Now it was Trump’s turn to drink-in the blood of their love like any parasite must do.

Mental illness is a grave disability, that when unchecked and untreated can ultimately be destructive to any social relationship, whether family, friends or business.  Only yesterday, I was forced to terminate the relationship of a friend who stole from me, not because of the theft, but because of the wall of denial comprising a narrative void of responsibility, and a spin of grievances offered as a legitimate rationale for the violation of trust excusing his dishonor, as if to say the theft was justified by his feelings towards me.  That’s some sick shit! The relationship was well past the point that I needed to move on for my own health.

Likewise, there is sufficient evidence that Trump is stealing from the citizens of this country every day.  His obfuscations, spin and denials are corrupting the relationships we share with each other, in the same way that a disturbed friend or family member will divide a family or a community.  The search for truth reaches deep into families and often determines our friends or those who we choose to work with.  At some point it is necessary for our own health to terminate such a relationship as we have with Trump. As our system allows, that opportunity is at hand, quite unlike Trump’s cheery position on the  Corona virus, the election is “just around the corner.” Let’s move to protect our nation and not worry about Trump’s flagging ego.

Get Mobilized and Make Love Go Viral!

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