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I’m more than a little tired of the media continually reporting that Trump is forever changing his mind.  This is blatantly a false and misleading opinion, not news.  It would be more correct to say that Trump changes what he says, not what he thinks.  Linking what Trump says to what Trump thinks is a colossal mistake.  Changing his monologue is just a reflection of one of Trump’s core strategies to keep the national audience off balance. It’s called diversion.  Just as a magician uses his glamorous assistant to divert attention from his actions, so too Trump uses his surrogates, attorneys, and appointees to this same end, for us to consider what he may or may not think, which is irrelevant at best, since Trump is 100% predictable.


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Rather than evaluating Trump’s ever-changing mind we should be looking at whether the pattern of his pronouncements reveals a change of heart, and clearly it does not.  Even in survival mode, when what Trumps says is a false reflection of what actions he intends to take, it would be foolish to think that Trump has had a change of heart.  He’ll say what is necessary to perpetuate his game, but how he really feels is the constant compass of his direction. He is the prisoner of his own inner demons.  Time and time again, Trump will follow his heart to its inescapable conclusion, terrible decisions and bad policy. He measures external reality against his inner illusions, sorting each instance as it relates to just two categories, “for me” and “against me.”

If only the media could see it in these simple terms, the quality of their reporting would benefit. Do they not understand what the 30% base of Trump’s die-hard supporters know, that Trump will never change, that Trump is unmovable? He is no more capable of change than a fossilized rock.  His 30% will be forever loyal because their loyalty is not based on trust, as it would be with any other candidate, but is based on observation of consistent behavior, where inconsistent pronouncements are of no consequence.

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