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The Case for Apartheid Studies: In Conversation with Nyasha Mboti

How are Loopholes Exploiting People?

sHere at the State of Power Podcast we are concerned with how power functions, how it mutates, and how it reproduces itself, and our guest on this episode deals explicitly with this. Nyasha Mboti is an Associate Professor at the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein South Africa, and is the founder of a new field of study that he terms ‘Apartheid Studies’. He is soon to publish the first of four volumes outlining the scope of the new field. He graciously agreed when we asked him to sit with us and to explain what exactly Apartheid Studies is.


Nyasha’s Book will be available on major online book stores at the end of February. To get in contact with him, you can subscribe to the Apartheid Studies YouTube channel, and visit the website You can also follow the Instagram account “Apartheid Studies” and the ApartheidStudi1 account on Twitter.

Source: Transnational Institute

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