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How a new perspective changes everything

 Amazing how are perspectives and what we think shapes our belief systems

Amazing how our perceptions shape our belief systems and our actions.

At age 23 I had a love for chicken.   I mean I really loved chicken. Bar-b-qued chicken, fried chicken, chicken ala king, chicken wings or chicken drumsticks.  I could eat chicken for almost any meal, even dessert.

By Steven Jay

It was mid June 1981. My parents were planning for divorce, and  the idea of separation or divorce was unfathomable concept at the time  Almost as unfathomable as what was about to materialize.

My maternal Grandmother and I had the idea of throwing a 25th Wedding anniversary party at the Manor in West Orange as a way to try to keep the family together.

Sitting together at The Family Table was never easy.  Even though we all loved each other, there would be the family arguments, whether spaghetti was served in a bowl or a plate (and my Grandfather loved to yell and scream at that argument!) so instead of engaging in arguments, I did what any chicken loving boy would do.

I went  back and forth to the buffet tables piling on those  delicious chicken drumsticks.

Soon encountering our server, I was asked if I wanted something to drink.

“I would love a cup of coffee…and by the way these are the best chicken drumsticks I have ever eaten!”

Looking me straight in the eye she said:

“Oh that’s not chicken you’re eating!”

I was shocked. Mesmorized. And accepting my doubt.   My curiosity overwhelmed  me.

“How could that not be chicken? It looks like chicken and it tastes just  like chicken! So what is that I’m eating?”

She looked  me right in the eye with that ‘cynical look’and said

“Oh sure you’re eating frogs legs!”

Shocked and surprised that they passed the taste test, I went back for more, wondering what I would have done had I been told they were frogs legs before I actually ate them?  And, thinking it was chicken, it was an easy meal to devour.

 Amazing how are perspectives and what we think shapes our belief systems.

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