Tales of Three Healthy Lawn Treaders: Fireflies, Rabbits and Robins

Another benefit to having a lawn go natural, that is don’t use quick-release fertilizer or Roundup, is the wildlife that will make it their home. Ocean River Interns Robert Maughn, Erin McGill and Sophia Aronow talk with Rob about fireflies, rabbits and robins. Discover why fireflies need woodlots and wetlands more than fields; why rabbits are more abundant in cities, and that robins prefer shorter grass to longer grass.

ORI’s Lawns for Climate Restoration Challenge has focused on the symbiotic relationship between turf grass and soil microbes, as well as the life-giving process of grass pulling CO2 from the atmosphere and actively pumping liquid carbon into soils (3.64 tons CO2 photosynthesized for every ton of soil).
Recently, we stepped away from life beneath the turf to talk about three animals known for their associations with lawns that are not chemically treated. ORI Intern Robert Maughn talks about fireflies and how we may act to see more them lighting our landscapes. ORI Intern Erin McGill talks about rabbits and how we connect with their relative abundance in urban areas. ORI Intern Sophia Aronow completes the triad of lawn treaders with the American robin.