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Our Zombie President

Day after day, the nation hangs in suspense, making the morning pilgrimage to the den.  Parked on the couch in the light of the flatscreen we await the morning’s news, wishing for something, anything, a […]

The Chameleon-in-Chief

I’m more than a little tired of the media continually reporting that Trump is forever changing his mind.  This is blatantly a false and misleading opinion, not news.  It would be more correct to say […]

Brothers Under The Skin

Yesterday President Trump called Vladimir Putin to congratulate him on his election victory.  In view of the many issues swirling around Russia’s malevolent practices in world affairs, election meddling, infrastructure hacking and the assassinations of […]

Fearless Leader, The Last Responder.

  Fearless Leader? That’s how he sees himself. Yes, the Fifth Avenue maniac sees himself as the heroic fearless leader, willing to rush into harm’s way unarmed, to save the lives of the millions of […]

Intelligent Dick’s

Dick’s announcement that they would no longer sell guns to persons under twenty-one and also will discontinue the sale of tactical assault rifles, may be the most intelligent solution to the second amendment controversy yet. […]

Wait and See

Kellyanne Conway may be a lot of things, but one thing she is not, is stupid. First, she garnered a Federal ethics violation regarding the use of her official position to hawk Ivanka Trump’s product […]

Seeing is Believing

  On one side stands Donald Trump.  On the other side stands 70% of the American public, 419 members of the House of Representatives and 98 senators (3 reps and 2 senators voted with Trump), […]

The One-Man Band.

It seems as though one of my greatest satisfactions these days is hurling foul-mouthed insults at my smart-screen from the reclined comfort of my strato-lounger.  I wonder if this has become the new, “Great America,” […]

Identifying Dead Weight.

There’s an old adage, “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.”  The combined prayers and wishes of at least 70% of the country have been laser-focused on freeing us from the […]

Revenge of the Effing Moron

In Trumpland, everything Donald Trump does is right and true and good.  He feigns that it’s all intentional (“I meant to do that.”), that his every action is calculated to produce the BEST results. There […]

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