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Herd Immunity

Election posturing has reached the final phase of its dying throes. As Biden takes careful footing to avoid mis-steps, Trump follows his singular master plan to distract voters with shiny objects and dog whistles. Very […]

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride

After observing the enthusiasm of Trump’s fanboys that greeted his joyride in the “Deathmobile,” not one to miss a marketing opportunity, Disney has announced that there will be some immediate modifications to Mr. Toad’s Wild […]

The Ultimate Cure

If you ever feel like nobody is listening, that your Facebook page or your Twitter account is just like so much pissing in the wind, then take heart.  Yesterday I learned that the President’s medical […]

The Chink In His Armor

It has been long recognized by the medical community that the road to recovery for any physical ailment is enhanced by a positive state of mind.  Really good caregiving requires the administers of care give […]

The Court of Last Resort

With the news that more prominent political figures in the Trump arena have joined their boss in the misery of his declining health, having been given the gift of Covid, a gift that keeps on […]

Our Secret Prayers

I can remember many years ago as AIDS was devastating the gay population of San Francisco on its path to sweep the rest of the nation, shameless remarks surfaced on the nightly news by so-called […]

What’s Next?

It would seem that the aftermath of the recent Presidential debate has resulted in quite a wake, not the kind produced by a small bass fishing boat on a quiet lake, but more like that […]

Ignore The Left… at your own peril!

  Just who are these people that comprise the so-called left? Are they really those you should fear, commie pinkos and violent rioters who want to eradicate your freedoms and torch your suburban neighborhood as […]

Why We Watch

  All America is waiting with excited anticipation for the big event tonight, where Donald Trump squares off against Joe Biden in the first of this year’s televised Presidential debates, hailed as if two prizefighters […]

Humpty Trumpty

Oh, Joyous Day! Finally, the takedown! Humpty Trumpty has fallen from his wall. Thank the New York Times, the same New York Times that gave us the Pentagon Papers, that has won over 130 Pulitzers, […]

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