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The middle.

A reader recently noted that our situation seems very similar to the late 1930’s.  In that time, the world was torn up with war.  For many people, it felt like the true end of the […]


Say what now? Bouffier! This essay is about trees, and why it’s good to plant more of them.  And it’s about how sometimes things go ’round in cycles that take decades to become obvious. Bouffier […]

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Lions and tigers and bears, Oh my!  Lions and tigers and bears, Oh my!  After the tornado lifted Dorothy’s Kansas home from its foundation and dropped it in the Merry Ole Land of Oz, one […]

Why Greenland?

    The consequences of climate change are more far reaching than mere planetary destruction.  There’s a lot to be gained for the savvy investor between here and there, before that certain doom kicked down […]

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