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Lessons Learned

Once the prominent structure on the Atlantic City Skyline, the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino closed in 2014. It has deteriorated so much in […]

Lost in Translation

I was fourteen when John Kennedy was assassinated.  The day before, the Catholic military school that I attended in San Antonio was let out […]

Why We Watch

  All America is waiting with excited anticipation for the big event tonight, where Donald Trump squares off against Joe Biden in the first […]

Night and Day

Elections are not won on the basis of policy but on the perception of the strength of character of a given candidate, a belief […]

Hot Spice and White Rice

I don’t know about you, but when I go out for an exciting dinner, I’m looking for something different, not the same old, same […]

Holy Toledo, Fatman!!

At 10 A.M. yesterday, teleprompter Trump addressed the nation on national TV concerning the mass murders at El Paso and Toledo. One small thing though, […]

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