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Why We Watch

  All America is waiting with excited anticipation for the big event tonight, where Donald Trump squares off against Joe Biden in the first of this year’s televised Presidential debates, hailed as if two prizefighters […]

Night and Day

Elections are not won on the basis of policy but on the perception of the strength of character of a given candidate, a belief that he or she possesses the leadership qualities that will signal […]

Hot Spice and White Rice

I don’t know about you, but when I go out for an exciting dinner, I’m looking for something different, not the same old, same old and definitely not something bland.  Do you know of anyone […]

Those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear

  Donald Trump and I were born around the same time. We are both “baby-boomers.” We’ve got a lot to look back and reflect on. So it is, that when he asks us to “MAKE […]

You Know You Like Vanilla

  The media is all lit up this morning, on fire about Jill Biden’s support for husband Joe who has widened his lead in the polls to double digits. He’s pounding the “ I can […]

Holy Toledo, Fatman!!

At 10 A.M. yesterday, teleprompter Trump addressed the nation on national TV concerning the mass murders at El Paso and Toledo. One small thing though, it was not Toledo but Dayton where the senseless violence had […]

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