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Mobilized World Summit

How re-thinking architecture and design is good for planetary health



Going from Built in Obsolescence to Built-To Last: Nickson Otieno, Niko Green, Nairobi, Kenya and special guests:

Video Presentation immediately followed by a live discussion



Lewis Mumford said “The modern architect has produced the most flagrantly uneconomic and uncomfortable buildings…which can be inhabited only with the aid of the most expensive devices of heating and refrigeration. The irrationality of
this system of construction is visible today in every city from New York to San Francisco: glass sheathed buildings without any contact with fresh air, sunlight, or view.”

So, what steps must we take to really create the type of architecture with lives and breathes with the planet? This presentation will clearly indicate the new wave for sustainable architecture and design for the health and well-being of people and planet.


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