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Space Pharma: Thinking Past the Horizon



We all have the power to create something significant.


This week we are proud to showcase Space Pharma a company based in Israel and led by Yossi Yamin.

We had a short yet poignant discussion to discuss  the impact and benefits of Space Pharma.

SpacePharma's vision is to simply microgravity research and to make it affordable and accessible to all, and thus to allow everyone to understand the value of microgravity in a way that will benefit all humanity. This could be by finding cures to diseases, extend shelf life of products, and even educating the young ones. So SpacePharma innovative solution for microgravity research will open up a whole world of potential innovations created by others.
What are some of the benefits of your company? To whom do you serve?
SpacePharma develops miniature labs that are flown to space in Nanosatellites and can all be remote controlled by an App. Thus, everyone who wants to research in microgravity can easily do so.  e.g. to allow others to be innovation! to secure life, to secure health and food! and to create new compounds for better life, better food and better health.  It is through that the early adopters are limited – but we are aiming on all the rest to join.
What are some of your latest goals?
SpacePharma will soon launch the first ever commercial Nano satellite for microgravity research that will carry multiple remote controlled experiments. To open a new technology driven solution that can be easy to use, affordable by many.
How did you approach the launch of your company? How did you select the team members?
The team is one of the most crucial parts in launching a company, especially like SpacePharma. All team members are ex-satellite technologists or operators who went on to get advanced degrees in fields which are relevant to what we currently do: MEMS, Microfluidics, Micro-biology, pharmacology, material science, etc. After ending services and duty – they went to academia where each one graduated by his choice – but now they re unite to be the new world scientist! >From Space – We are all scientists!
What were some of the obstacles you faced, face and may face in the near future and how did you, do you and will you overcome them?
There are many obstacles in such a venture: business, scientific and technical. But, each threat or risk can also become a strength or opportunity. So, besides getting the best team that will solve these obstacles, we also look for additional partners that can work with us on solving them. 
What is your career background that helped you get to this point?
Yossi and Ido founded the company. Yossi was the head of the Israeli satellite agency leading the agency to 3 successful launches and operations of multiple satellites. Ido, was the chief technologist of the organization. Strong background of innovation technology means used by states. 
What about your experience as a child growing up that may have enabled your path in this direction?
Religious, self oriented, a basketball player that won a world cap for class c, business development education in the US, 3 native language speaker – one for each religious (Hebrew for Jews, English for christianity and Arabic for the muslims).
What advice would you like to offer or provide to young inventors and innovators, those who are inventing a better tomorrow, today?
Change depends on unreasonable people. Don’t assume–analyze. Brutal honesty trumps hypocritical politeness. Have courage. Build companies instead of cutting deals. Thrive on technological risk. Ignore the nonsense of conventional wisdom. People matter. Care about genuine issues: a healthy environment. Sustainable power. Free information. Go for GREAT, not just good. Be willing to fail but aim for revolutionary success. 


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