Since the Sci-Fi of Yesterday is the Science Fact of Today, Is Energy from Space the Green New Deal?

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…..The Science Fiction of Yesterday is the Science FACT of today.   

Space Is the Green New Deal

By Howard Bloom, Founder and Chair: Space Development Steering Committee ,Author of The Lucifer Principle: A Scientific Expedition in the Forces of History

The resources of space can save the planet. Solar power harvested in space can stop man-made carbon emissions. Completely. It can end the human contribution to climate change.

Space solar power is close to infinite and can end the use of fossil fuels. Forever. Space solar power can slash man-made greenhouse gas emissions by 45%.

A space based transmitter to the Earth

The stone of asteroids can make earth-mining for raw materials obsolete. It can end the practice of blowing the tops off mountains and undermining the earth’s surface to get at iron, nickel, lithium, platinum, and rare earth minerals.

The rock of one mid-sized asteroid can be worth a trillion dollars, more than the gross domestic product of Holland or Switzerland.

Jeff Bezos, founder of, is working to make space the new industrial zone, putting all the polluting operations of humanity into orbit and zoning the earth as a green paradise, a territory for plants, animals, and people to rejoice in their diversity…and in their synergy.


Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX and head of Tesla, is working to make a ticket to space so inexpensive that a trip to the Moon or Mars is affordable for every middle class family. 

Concludes India’s eleventh president, Dr. A.P.J. Kalam, just one space resource, solar power harvested in space, can lift two billion of earth’s poorest out of poverty. 

Explains Kalam:

“Humanity needs a great vision to forget all its conflicts and move towards a common goal of peace and prosperity.” Kalam says that harvesting solar power in space is crucial to that vision. Adds Dr. Kalam, solar power harvested in space can bring “a new era of peace, prosperity and abundance for all mankind.”

  • Take the load off earth.
  • Tap the resources of space.
  • Use space to nourish nature.
  • Use space to save the planet.

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