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The election results do not matter.  They really don’t.  Win or lose, the work will go on.  “Do good deeds, and build community.”  Create a more fair and just society; not one merely benefiting the rich. 

Sure, there may be huge obstacles laid down by the results of the balloting.  Yet, there were ALWAYS obstacles.  The election was a signpost.  It is not the road.  YOU are choosing, every day, which road.  YOU are the guide.  We are the Children of Liberty, and Liberation is coming.  The future is as bright as you wish for it to be.

For four years in this nation, cowardly leaders have unleashed the Twin Poodles of the Apocalypse upon the land.  ‘Fear’ and ‘Fatigue’ have run amok; they seem to be very scary dogs.  But they are just poodles.  Walk boldly past them. 

I set out to keep the b*stards from winning, from eating away at my soul; or my sense of patriotism.  For 5 years and change, I have read, collated, sourced, and posted thousands of articles as part of my Facebook Weekly Recaps.  On 11/3, America showed the world one more time that a Democratic Republic can survive a mortal threat, and move ever closer “towards a more perfect union.”  So, my work there is done now.  And I am relieved. 

I never set out to change anyone’s mind; I set out to keep my own clear.  I know for certain that my work helped folks to deal, helped them to get clarity on confusing situations, and helped them process the blizzard of sh*t tossed at them by this horrid regime.

I doubt I had any large-scale effect on voters, and that’s ok.  But what’s not ok?  Well the idiotic Democratic party leadership (DNC) still cannot navigate their way out of a paper bag.  This election was won by thousands, maybe millions, of anonymous activists, all over, working to share the clear message that Donny’s regime was wrong.  

It was won by the Stacey Abrahmses of the country, who knew their area very well and did what was needed there to get out the vote.  In states such as Florida, where the DNC called the shots, we got fiascoes.  Everywhere progressives ran on actual progressive platforms, they won.  Everywhere candidates ran on tepid “centrism”; they got pasted.  Sheesh.  So, there will certainly be a reckoning next year, and the Dem’s need to veer hard left if they wish to still exist in 2024.  Meanwhile, as I predicted back in 2016, the GOP split into two factions, those who drank Donny’s Kool-aid, and those who did not.  They will flail about for a few more years, but since the Never Trumpers have all the money, they will now be taking their ball and going home.  The present-day GOP is a dead man walking, though it has not realized it yet.

Finally, the election was won by YOU.  Even if you voted for that cretin Trump.  Because you are part of this great experiment, one started to allow common folk the ability to have Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.   Today we know that the experiment will continue.  


Here is your Election Musical Playlist.  {Good guys and bad guys – Camper von Beethoven}  {Karen O & Willie Nelson – “Under Pressure”}  {One Day More! from Les Miserables}  {Peter Gabriel – Solsbury hill}


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