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Mobilized is a carefully moderated platform. As a collaborative and cooperative platform with a clear vision and principles, we do our very best to make sure that the platform is free of spammers and bots and unsavory characters.  To sign up, please fill out the form below. We will be in touch with you enable your ability to post content and add programming onto our solutions network and platform.

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The Web was originally created to help scientists work better together while overcoming misunderstandings.  But it has been abused by special interest groups that have created chaos, conflict while building walls that separate us from one another.

The walls between us have been removed.  It is time to take back truth.

Mobilized is a carefully moderated platform and network.  To insure the safety of our collaborators, we have a code of ethics that enables the network to develop holistically without the influence from special interest groups.   Our stories and features are based on evidence and come to us through our partnerships and collaborators.  To become a Mobilized “Collaborator in creation, please sign up through the form below. We will then activate a temporary membership for you and you can then sign in and create your own personalized passcode.  From then on,  you can submit your press releases, information and requests by uploading them yourself!  Please note, all information is secure, and we never share personal information with any third parties.

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