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Selecting the Right Profanity




Finding the appropriate profanity to express my extreme contempt for Donald Trump is becoming ever-increasingly more difficult.  I must pause and determine just what do the words I instinctively use in reaction to his many subversions of our democratic process really mean.

“Cocksucker” was one such word, but in deference to and in solidarity with my many gay friends and recognizing the universal use of fellatio by women in heterosexual relationships, just what is wrong with a good blow-job that I should use it to describe Donald Trump?  No, I have discontinued the use of that phrase.

“Motherfucker” is another such popular and oft used phrase, but what does it mean to be a motherfucker?  Is that so bad a thing?  I have five daughters, I guess that makes me a motherfucker. No, in the context of a Donald Trump, that is not what it means. Nevertheless, I no longer use that phrase to express my contempt for him and his cronies.

“Douchebag”, “scumbag,” “piece of shit,” “ass-wipe,” “asshole,” “butt-lick,” “shit-for-brains,” and the many combinations that end with “lying bastard,” “moron,” “idiot,” “crook’” “criminal,” “traitor,” and so on all have clear meaning and are appropriate but somehow do not rise to the level of contempt I require.  It was easier to call him a cock-sucking motherfucker.

In this country, we elect people to office.  We do not elect senators, or presidents.  The people we have chosen to elect only become such as they grow into their role in office.  The title “President” does not make Donald Trump one, but as a person he is already a “douchebag”, “scumbag,” “piece of shit,” “ass-wipe,” “asshole,” “butt-lick,” “shit-for-brains,” and a “lying bastard,” “moron,” “idiot,” “crook’” “criminal” and “traitor.”  Funny, I still feel unsatisfied. He has never become a president.

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Donald’s policies and his management style are inconsistent with a democratic president and reflect his vision of autocratic rule in the dictatorial style preferred by the very “strongmen” he admires like Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin. His praise for the Klan, his racist policies, his lack of compassion, his attacks on the checks and balances provided by our founders in the constitution, his propaganda network, his collusion with our enemies, his disdain for our allies, his attacks on the media, his misleading of the American people with constant lies to reinforce his own “greatness,” his lack of accountability, his appointment of family members into his highest staff advisors and his profiting personally from the system he and they control.  No, he is no “president.”  He’s a lying cock-sucking motherfucker…  oops… I meant he’s a “douchebag”, “scumbag,” “piece of shit,” “ass-wipe,” “asshole,” “butt-lick,” “shit-for-brains,” and a “lying bastard,” “moron,” “idiot,” “crook’” “criminal” and “traitor.”  There I got it out.  Why don’t I feel better? Donald, I know you know what this means and it’s not good… Fuck You, you greedy lying narcissist!  Eat shit and die!  That’s not a death threat, just a wish for my own eternal happiness.

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