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On one side stands Donald Trump.  On the other side stands 70% of the American public, 419 members of the House of Representatives and 98 senators (3 reps and 2 senators voted with Trump), the heads of the FBI, the CIA and the NSA, Trump’s national security advisors, and the entire justice department.  The issue is whether Russia meddled in the 2016 election.  While Devin Nunes makes shallow attempts to provide Trump cover for his position that the Russia investigations are just ”a witch hunt,” the Senate investigation inches forward and Mueller closes in for the kill.  By all accounts, Trump is crapping in his pants.  If Trump is innocent of any complicity, collusion in these events, then why should he be concerned?  He should be joyful. Surely, he would know that a full investigation would exonerate him.  So, it must be something else.  His long history of reactionary tweets can only be explained by what he knows and what he knows cannot be good for him. Media keeps reporting that Trump “believes” this or that, or that Trump “thinks” this or that, or that Trump “refuses to believe” this or that, ignoring the other distinct possibility that Trump KNOWS this or that. What Trump says and what Trump knows and what Trump believes are all very distinct entities.  The obvious consequence of maintaining these as unlinked entities is a moral and ethical vacuum where the truth must be revealed from outside the host.  Truth must prevail or our elections are a mere ruse, a validation of falsehood and an acceptance of an underlying evil.

The low hanging fruit in this reporting is that Trump does not want his win to be tainted by Russian manipulation. But as anyone who follows the news can plainly see, Trump is uncharacteristically silent in all matters regarding Vladimir Putin, not just the election meddling.  It’s more than the 2016 election floating in a limbo of jeopardy.  What stands out is Trump’s previous praise for Putin followed by his current silent stance.  What could be the cause?  Perhaps it is because he knows that his many questionable financial affairs, money laundering, known Russian business interests, unknown Russian investments and dirty deeds lead to a case for tax evasion, treasonous acts, impeachable offenses, and marital infidelities, all of which would be cause to fail a top-secret security clearance for anyone else, but not for a President. For Trump, these events need to remain his personal secret because, in a system of flawed laws, public opinion alone (by way of “the vote”) is enough for a top-secret clearance. Jared and Ivanka are mere subsets of a larger problem.  Who cleared Trump?  We did.  Trump’s not the problem.  We are the problem.

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