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Sarah Savory: Holistic Management and Action is the way Forward

“We are called to be the architects of the future, or to become its victims.”

Mobilized asked five key evolution-aries what it would take to reSet and re-imagine a prosperous coExistence. The results emerged as an Evolutionary Blueprint to Re-imagine and Re-Set Humanity

This new platform is dedicated to bringing this about knowing that together there is so much we can do.

Introducing Mobilized.News: A New News Network Focused on Conscious Evolutionary Activism

Every day we experience the stories of system collapse. The good news is, there IS a world-wide awakening and a place where the real RESET is happening. This RESET isn’t focused on artificial intelligence, but on REAL intelligence – the intelligence of the heart, of nature, of feminine wisdom to balance out the achievements of western civilization at the expense of the natural world.

This RESET seeks to overgrow two obsolete and “obsolethal” paradigms that have outlived their uselessness – patriarchal autocracy that seeks to dominate other humans, and cold-blooded technocracy that seeks to dominate life itself. In its place we see an emerging humanity establishing a “sane and sacred center” that honors the web of life and the web of love.

To introduce this authentic RESET, we interviewed five solutionaries for a four-session, 5-hour video program: Cellular biologist Bruce Lipton, author of Biology of Belief and Co-Author of Spontaneous Evolution; political philosopher and author Shariff Abdullah; Steven Newcomb, Native American activist, lawyer and author (Pagans In the Promised Land: Decoding the Doctrine of Christian Discovery) and his daughter, Shawna Bluestar, creator of the Reverence Code; and Sarah Savory, daughter of world-renowned ecologist Allan Savory, developer of Holistic Management.

This series begins with the sober choice offered by biologist Bruce Lipton, “conscious evolution or mass-extinction,” and affirms that modern science agrees with ancient spiritual wisdom – we ARE all in it together, and cooperation is a key evolutionary trait. Using the caterpillar-to-butterfly analogy that Bruce Lipton lays out in Spontaneous Evolution, Shariff Abdullah offers practical ways awakening humans can become the “imaginal cells” in this new butterfly organism. Steven Newcomb and Shawna Bluestar offer a history of how western civilization has woven itself out of the web of life and web of love, and show how we can weave ourselves back in. Finally, Sarah Savory presents a practical personal decision-making tool that will help us live into this new “butterfly” reality.

All five of the presenters offer resources and recourses to help YOU learn more, find inspiration, and apply your passion through evolutionary activism.

Future series’ will focus on RESETTING all the institutions of society (economy, money, agriculture, health care, education, spiritual connection) to reflect the latest discoveries that take us outside the box of what we’ve done that no longer works.

Most importantly, will become a one-stop resource for pertinent and world-changing information, inspiration to get us through dark times, and places and spaces to act effectively. Through our events calendar, you’ll be able to find the resources around the world to help you become one of the “imaginal cells” building a new humanity. Are you a writer, videographer, media host or content provider? We are offering you a FREE platform to proliferate your work, and sell your books and other media products.

If you’re ready to move past the fear-based “homeland security” to a love-based “heartland security”, you’ll want to join our Mobilized community.

Remember, the choice is yours. Our future is in our hands. Conscious evolution or mass-extinction.

Sarah Savory presents a practical personal decision-making tool that will help us live into this new “butterfly” reality.

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