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Rudy, What Have You Done?

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Rudy, Rudy, Rudy…  what have you done? They say you’re a smart guy. A former district attorney, “America’s Mayor,” you grabbed a ride on the fame-train on the backs of the 911 victims, but what did you really do besides open your big mouth in shameless self-promotion masquerading as patriotism?

Oh well, Rudy, let’s not dwell on the past.  Let’s move on to today. So, it looks like you cut a “New York Deal” with the master New York Dealmaker, but to what end?  The two of you came to an agreement and you acted on it in good faith, but it was an agreement to manipulate the truth, an agreement to spin.  Shame on you, and now you are caught squirming in your own shallow attempt.  Have you ever really cared about the truth or are your scruples folded into your wallet with the “Benjamins?”

Oh Rudy, did you not see it coming, the view from under the bus.  You had your own special standing as Trump’s “personal counsel.”  Yes, you are not part of the Whitehouse nor are you part of the legal team.  That just makes you just dispensable–a scamming, paid mouthpiece who says what he is told to say but who, unlike the hapless Sarah Huckabee Sanders, contributes to crafting Trump’s devious schemes to avoid legal responsibility for his actions.  Your word carries no official weight.  It’s just spin and as long as it works it will stand, but here we are, less than 24hrs from the last public pronouncement and Trump has said that you’re still learning the facts, denying the very message you crafted together.  You’re a cutout, a pigeon, a scapegoat, someone who Trump can claim is not speaking for him officially.  Ah, but who is?  Not even Trump.  I guess a person in your position does not mind being used if it puts you back in the news. What have you got to lose?  Certainly not your honor.



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