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Revenge of the Effing Moron



effing Moron

In Trumpland, everything Donald Trump does is right and true and good.  He feigns that it’s all intentional (“I meant to do that.”), that his every action is calculated to produce the BEST results. There are no mistakes (he’s the greatest ever.) It’s all a part of his preconceived, genius master plan to run the country. Just as The Trumpster continues to fire the so-called “best people” he appointed, many more staffers cannot flee the Whitehouse fast enough. Maintaining that chaos is good, he denies that chaos exists in the Whitehouse.  Huh?  Any way you choose to interpret that does not reflect well on him. Take a moment to digest the words of the spinner-in-chief as he relates his version of 6 is 9. "There is no chaos, only great energy… It's tough. I like conflict, I like having two people with different points of view, and I certainly have that. And then I make a decision. But I like watching it, I like seeing it, and I think it's the best way to go."


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Really, Donald?  You expect me to believe that? Then, why did you fire Rex Tillerson? Rex, who opposes you on the Iran deal; Rex who did not want to move our embassy to Jerusalem; Rex, who wants a more diplomatic approach to North Korea; Rex who identifies Russia as a bad actor… yes that Rex, the one with the different point of view.  Why did you fire that Rex?  Could it be that he had a different point of view? Was the alignment of Tillerson, Kelly and McMaster just too hurtful to your self-esteem and too difficult for your micro-management style to overwhelm? Divide and conquer.  Yes, that’s the way to do it. Take them down one at a time.  Rid yourself of all those disloyal bastards.  Considering that they know how you think, why are they not falling into line like the good soldiers you expected? Can’t have them sharing their opposing ideas with the public. Got to go! Can’t call the thought police.  Better to just fire them. That is the one sure way to excise advice that runs contrary to your emotional impulses.

Even now, Trump is eyeballing his current liabilities and from his various comments and tweets, seems to regard them to be H.R. McMaster, John Kelly, Veteran Affairs Secretary David Shulkin, Jeff Sessions, Rod Rosenstein, Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke, Betsy Devos, Ben Carson and (who would have “thunk” it?) Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump.  Is there no end in sight or does it all stop with his ever-loyal vampire-lapdog, Steven Miller as the sole survivor?  In Trumpster’s world, his failures are always the fault of others. How so? His script does not admit failure, so why are so many being fired?

Having succeeded in removing Tillerson, he then moved to fire Tillerson’s aide, ostensibly for offering a competing version of the firing, differing from the whitewashed, Whitehouse version concocted to save face.

Not yet done for the day, at a lower level, embracing the power of optics, he fired John McEntee, his personal assistant currently under investigation by Homeland Security for serious financial crimes and online gambling, now regarding him as a security risk, only to rehire him as a senior advisor for the Trump 2020 campaign.  Hmmmmmmm?  Is Trump paying for silence?

Speaking of which, he rambled on about himself incessantly at the rally for Saccone night before last, only to put the final coffin nail in that campaign, defining the race as Lamb vs. Trump and handing the win to Lamb.  Wow!!!  What an embarrassment this must be for the master braggart to be defeated by the humble Lamb, an anti-Trump personality if ever there was one.  How completely refreshing!

Do you suppose that Trump has ever tasted Humble-Pie? Not likely. Maybe he tasted his first slice last night, but I doubt that he swallowed any. It’s not a dish for Effing Morons.



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